First order of business: Can anyone design an appropriate Logo for the Skills Exchange? Perhaps something more relevant to atheism?

What I'm using right now is just something I found and cropped from the internet.

The logo should be released under a CC-BY-SA license

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I might do a few rough drafts at some point. I don't have time for something polished right now but I can probably get few concept sketches in the next few weeks for someone to Shop.
Cheers Anath.

My initial sketches. Someone else who has time can 'Shop it, and we can discuss which ones are promising. Its mostly random stuff. Ask if you can't read my handwriting and I'll decipher it for you! XD
I like the USB Wrench and the ASX idea (although I'm not certain which of the visions of ASX would be more appropriate)

Thanks again
I really liked the "A" with the mouse.




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