Against the odds we are atheists. Why are we atheist? What in your life do you think made you atheist ? If we can determine what it takes to program an atheist that would be profound information .

In my case, I was raised south of Charleston along the Stono river. We raised animals for food and had a garden. I hunted and fished and loved the natural world. I looked for Indian arrow heads, burial grounds and fossils in limestone and along the stono river. We went to church and worshiped God. I was baptized at age 10 and sinned the same day. I watched thru a cracked door as the girls returned wet and revealed from the pool. Nothing changed! I was interested in bird watching, taxidermy, taxonomy,evolution,stone age peoples ,American Indians, Whites living close to nature as did the mountain men in the Rockies. The old Charleston Museum before it burned held me captive for many hours on many days. I read science, philosophy, anthropology and geology. By time President Kennedy announced that we would land a man on the moon I had become an atheist. In contrast my father always thought it was a hoax until he died many years later. I believe that certain targeted education will result in becoming an atheist. What do you think? Can it be figured out?

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