It is clear that Africa is in the ealiest stage of growth,allow me to add weight on that point,it is not on economic development alone  forget about political scene,it touches on the mental growth,that is not my point, the truth is that Africa is in need of free thinkers,not political kingpins,imagine at this computer age Africa is still viewing atheist as black demons,limiting the thoughts of people on issues touching on religion,

If you are an atheist in some African states,my friends you are like endangered  spacies,an enemy of the people and name it,

let us work together as one big family in helping to expand the true understanding of religion,Africa wants you to spear head in this mission of real truth,our number in on the increase,let us work together in protecting our newfound belief,we need you more than any other time before.Finally,how do we work  hand in gloves in protecting the rights of atheist?

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