If anyone isn't aware of it, Richard Dawkins is coming to USC of all places to promote his new book "The Greatest Show on Earth" on Oct. 13, 2009. There isn't TOO much info on his site about it yet, but it will be in the Carolina Coliseum in Columbia. I don't know about ticket prices etc., but at another one of his stops on the tour the price is $15 i think. Not too bad to hear someone such as Dawkins speak and possibly get a book signed.

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sweet! thanks for the info!
I have this sneaky suspicion (and hope) that there will only be like 5 people there. lol
Maybe 6 or 7 people, I can see my wife and I going to see him speak. Good find on this one.
He's coming to Queens University in Charlotte in mid-October, and the local atheist group sent out a message that free tix were available. I'm thinking they just wanted to be sure the entire audience wouldn't be idjits...
if anyone finds out how to buy tickets please let me know
The tickets will be free, it is being hosted by the pastafarian group at USC. Not only that, but he will also be doing book signings afterwards! :D The info is here. http://sites.google.com/site/pastafariansatusc/atheist-icon-to-talk..."

If there is anyone who is going from the upstate/Greenville area, I would be happy to split fuel cost, help arrange a caravan or if anything just meet up after the lecture for drinks and discussion. Anyone interested can email me at Isomc24@yahoo.com or just post here.

The event will take place on October 13th at 7:30 PM in the Carolina Coliseum. It is open to the public at no charge.
To find out more about this event, please visit the Pastafarian’s website at www.pastafariansatusc.org
I really wish he would visit usc upstate!
im coming from anderson....
anyone who needs a ride can feel free to ride with me.
my wife and I are definitely in. As the day gets closer, we can coordinate meeting any fellow A/N crew members.

Anyone know how easy/difficult it is to find parking at USC? I’ve driven through Columbia but I’m not that familiar with the campus.
Not sure. Because this is also a sports facility, there will be parking lots surrounding and indeed I can see very large lots on the Google Earth view. I don't know whether they are free or not.

The biggest lots are to the immediate west of the center.




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