Last night I attended this group's monthly meeting for the first time. The topic was "what do you think was the key evolutionary development for humans?" There were only 4 of us last night, which the organizer said was a couple people light.

The conversation was strong as we all brought articles from various sources and discussed what was currently viewed as coming 'first' for humans. Upright, modern posture and stride; use of fire, etc. were discussed along with this week's report in the Economist detailing one Harvard researcher's theory of cooking as the key evolutionary advantage for humans. Then, because we all have the attention span of fruit flies, we got into discussions of recent studies on the topic of life on Mars. :)

I won't go into exhaustive details but it was a great example of being able to find sensible folks anywhere....even South Carolina.


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Where are these meetings held? And how long are they?

I live in Fountain Inn and have been without religion for 2, going on 3 years now. My mother learned I did not believe in the Christian god, and has been making me go to church because it supposedly is "good for me to socialize with people like me". When she told me that, I told her that people that believed in god and went to church were not like me, not even close - they simply do not think and understand the world the way I do - their world is based upon superstition and god, prophets and a 2,000 year old book.

I told her that I wanted to attend a secular humanist/atheist meeting in Greenville - even though there may not be anyone near my age in these groups, at least I can talk to people that think in a similar way that I do.
Hey, Timothy, the meetings are held at Coffee Underground downtown (coincidentally on Coffee St.).

The meeting on Thursday ran from 7:30PM to about 9:00. You're more than welcome to come to the meeting, the more the merrier.
Any chance for a meet up on Friday nights, as I work 2nd shift Monday-Thursday. I would love to meet up with other rational thinkers and discuss this topic.
Well, I wouldn't mind any night for the meetings but unfortunately, I'm not the organizer. That's not saying that I'm not around downtown to shoot the breeze any given time though.

This month's 'meeting' is a bit different. There is a Darwin play being put on at Furman on Thursday. It's a musical or something so I won't be attending. I'll post about it shortly in case anybody in the area is interested.
Well, so much for that. The performance was cancelled because the dude that does the show, Richard Milner, was injured. He's 68 and it's a fairly active performance and he got a bit wore out. There is a possible reschedule for the fall. Apparently, this is a rather unique multimedia show that describes Darwin's travels and findings, etc.




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