I have recently discovered the few atheist groups around this area and was wondering what everyone thought of organizing a monthly or bi-monthly meeting somewhere convenient? I saw the other discussion for the meeting Aug. 1st, but sadly... I joined too late. Just throwing it out there to see what you all's thoughts on this are.

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eh... that one didnt go to well.

but im game if something else gets set up.
I've been attending (irregularly) the weekly Greenville Non-theists meeting in downtown Greenville. The event is Tuesday nights 7pm - 9pm at Brew and Ewe. Friendly folks, engaging conversation, excellent coffee and other fine enticements await. Message me if you would like more info or look up the Yahoo group Greenville Non-theists.

Also, I believe there is a monthly meeting for similar reasons every second Saturday at the Denny's on Wade Hampton Boulevard.
I have also been attending and met some really awesome people like that guy Alex. Do you know him? LOL
eh that guys a jerk!     especially since he quit smoking.
Would love to see something get started near Aiken / North Augusta...
I'm also in the Aiken area. So that makes two of us...
Also in Aiken, then there were three?

For those of you in Aiken, there is a Facebook group called CSRA Non-Theist Group.  This link may work:  http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/CSRANT, but if it doesn't reply back or try to search for it.  I don't know if they are secret or not.  It is an active group.

Myrtle Beach Humanists and Freethinkers started with just three people meeting for friendship & support, and now has over 60 people on their Facebook page.  I say you guys get together and see what comes of it!

David, I am in Summerville.  There is a large and very active group in here in the Charleston area - Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry.  website:  www.lowcountryhumanists.org, FB: Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry, also on Meetup. 


Also, for those with children, there is a secular parenting support group as well - the Secular Humanist Families of Charleston:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SecularHumanistFamiliesOfCharleston/

Im still looking through the site, so it may show up at some point, but any good links for the Columbia, SC area? Both meet and parent/children organizations would be awesome.
Hello everyone. Are there any meeting in the Spartanburg area? If not I would like to start a group here if there are any other interested.




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