after several people have expressed interest in a meetup... i decided we should try to make something happen.

lets throw a date out there

aug 1st.

three weeks from today

now we have to find a location that is fairly close to everyone.

i live in anderson.
post where you live or where you would like meet below and we will all figure out a location together.
also if you need a ride let us know and we can try to do some carpooling.

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Hey, I think you're my closest A/N neighbors...of course we can work around you guys.
Have you looked into this group Mike?

Secular Humanists in the Upstate.
i looked into them once... they seemed dead.
We've been thinking of looking into them, but just haven't made the time yet.
Seem a little quiet, yeah. I'll contact them and see what they have going.
how about joes crab shack at around 6ish.
they have an area for the kids... they are big enough to accommodate a group and they have a bar.
the only downside is.... its kinda loud.

any more ideas?
Whatever place and time you guys chose is good for me. I live in North Augusta, SC but am able and willing to travel anywhere in the State.
ok guys we need to pick a place and time
I can attend almost anywhere on the 1st. Just give it a shot and pick a time.

ok since i dont know anything about greenville im going to set this up for anderson.

the place :
Corbitt McGees saturday a 6pm
116 W. Orr St
Anderson, SC 29624
(864) 261-6401

they have great food cheap drinks and they are atheist friendly
pm me know if you need directions... need to verify that people will actually be there... ect ect ect. and ill give you my cell number

see you all there!
Ok, I'm there. Have to go light on the drinks since I live 55 min. away though. Hey, even it's a small gathering, it will be worth it to at least meet one or two of you.





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