I've always wondered if the reason I am unable to buy beer or wine in most places in Greenville on a Sunday is a purely religious thing or if there are some other motives behind it. I figured this would be the place to ask! And some places in SC go so far as to not let me buy a t-shirt early on Sunday mornings. What is that all about?! They told me it wasn't necessary, which is why I couldn't buy it until after 12:00 noon. But they obviously didn't see the two huge paw prints I had on the shirt I was wearing. I had to be somewhere when I noticed the two muddy prints. I forgot where I was. Aiken, maybe? I thought that was ridiculous.

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It's a silly law and it made me feel ridiculous to not be able to buy an article of clothing because it wasn't 'essential' under the blue laws. The places that are allowed to sell alcohol on Sundays have to pay a HUGE amount to be able to have that license.




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