Facebook Event: Sioux Falls after-rapture party


Leave suggestions for a place to meet up on the facebook page, and please indicate if you plan to attend on the Facebook event page.

For skeptics, atheists, agnostics, free thinkers, humanists in the Sioux Falls area. Please invite and bring along your like-minded friends.

Harold Camping says the christian bible indicates the rapture will be on May 21, 2011. So May 22nd seems like a pretty good day to have a little gathering. There is no skeptic/atheist/humanist group in Sioux Falls that I know of, but perhaps we hea...thens can at least get together for a few drinks and engaging conversation.

Some gems from Harold Camping:

"We learn from the Bible that Holy God plans to rescue about 200 million people (that is about 3% of today’s population). On the first day of the Day of Judgment (May 21, 2011) they will be caught up (raptured) into Heaven because God had great mercy for them."

"The only hope any human being has to escape that terrible
Day of Judgment is that he humbly pleads with God for His
mercy. Even though no one deserves God’s mercy, God is still
saving many people. Therefore, as a person humbly begs and
implores God for His undeserved mercy, God might save that
person before that awesome first day of Judgment Day, May 21,


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