Wiki on the Goth Kids

The Goth Kids are a group of goth children in the animated series South Park. They are usually seen hanging around the café Benny's (a parody of Denny's) and the Village Inn. They also hang out behind the school, near the loading bay and also the parking lot. They all wear black clothes and eyeliner and have black hair and pale skin as well as being heavy smokers.

The Goth Kids are very stereotypical goths. They rarely go to school and prefer to sit around all day drinking coffee and smoking. They constantly go on about how pointless and painful life is. They also like to go to the cemetery often, where they write poems about death and sorrow. They take to calling those who are not goths "Britney (Spears) and Justin (Timberlake) wannabes". They also "dance" by looking down at the ground, with their hands at their sides, and every three seconds they take a drag on their cigarettes.

To them, everyone who follows along with normal life and the path of average citizens are "conformists", whom they despise, thus they quote that their purpose in life is to make life more miserable for the conformists. They hate the "vampire" sub-culture more than conformists, as everyone else mistakes them for being vampires rather than Goth.

Read more about the Goth kids here.

I think they are coolest characters!

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