I was thinking it might be fun if I brought my camera to the next meetup. I could take some candid shots to put on the website and maybe start putting same names with faces. Of course that does bring up the question of whether there is a threat of persecution and a need for anonymity. Some of our members have jobs where public knowledge of their atheism could be a serious problem. I thought it would be a good idea to vet the picture idea here before the meetup. If there are a only few of us who can't be photographed it shouldn't be a problem to just avoid taking their picture, but if no one wants their picture taken then I will just leave the camera at home. What does everyone think?

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I don't have any issues that I can think of. My relatives don't and won't use a computer. As for my job, I'm not concerned. (See my pic at left. Obviously I'm not too concerned. lol)


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