I have to go to work soon, so you guys are getting the first info about my latest efforts. We are now going to have a "">drinking skeptically event because I said so (and its cool and relavent).

I have also been hearing rumors about something called skepticonII which will feature awsome people like PZ coming to town and hanging out with the pastifarians... If this is true, we are going to out pirate them and join in the awesomeness.

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I will have to work on that link, but its time for me to go to work.
Oh good you know about the linking having issues already. I've heard about this "drinking skeptically" thing, but I don't know much about it.
Dammit, DJ Grothe has beaten me to the punch and started one in St Louis... I'll be he stole the idea from me too.
He invited me on facebook, but there is no way I can get up to St Louis. Not right now at least.


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