So, my grandparents are coming to town this weekend and asked me to go to church with them Sunday. Normally I would say no, but they are missionaries in Africa so I only see them once a year. I think I will go, but as you can imagine I am not really looking forward to it. Anyone else getting family invites to zombie day services?

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There is absolutely no way I would attend any gathering promoting something that I think does great harm to society.
Nope! And I'm so glad! I'm going to stay home and celebrate Chocolate day! LOL
Thankfully, no. But we always have a fun Easter! We had ours tonight, since it's supposed to be nasty tomorrow. Our two kids came over, along with our daughter's fiance and Chris (our "adopted" son), and we had an Easter egg hunt in the back yard. It's been a tradition since the kids were little, but as they got older, it became just too easy, so now we do it at night, using flashlights (who knows what the neighbors are thinking as they see all the flashlights going all over our yard!). I hid 60 plastic eggs with over $40 in them. They found 58 of them. My son raked it in with over $17.00. Since all of us are either atheist or agnostic, we have some good discussions. Tonight, we talked about Jesus being hung on a cross, then someone said something about how he wasn't the only one, LOTS of people died that way - some guy named Clyde was hung, but no one cared about HIM. To which someone said, "That's because he didn't die for your sins." To which someone else said, "But he died for HIS sins!" Maybe it was the beer, but we had a good laugh over that. Yeah. It was probably just the beer.
ROFL! No I don't think it was the beer. I'm laughing too. :)
no I usually work on Zombie Day thats how I get out of it, my wife and I hid easter eggs for our daughter
the night before, and set out a basket for her. She loves the easter bunny and we didnt discuss zombies all day long. Bunnies are better for kids than zombies I think.
WHAT? How do they figure that? Are they less intelligent than a dog?
I thought I would share some of the highlights of church with the grandparents. The best part was when some guy came up to my grandpa and started telling him this crazy stuff about how the government doesn't want people to know that bottled water (the plastic) cause cancer. After the guy walked away, my grandpa said, "He is a conspiracy theory nut case." At that moment I really felt like my granddad was a kindred spirit. At least till the service started. The church has a excellent orchestra that was only slightly spoiled but the choir and song choice. The only interesting thing about the message was the pastor brought up that he had been a rocket scientist at least a half dozen time (in a 30 minute tops sermon). It seemed like one great big appeal to authority, but not the typical variety for church. On the way to Gem of India (they have a great buffet and serve lamb on Sundays) my grandpa asked if I liked the service and I said yes and that I enjoyed the orchestra. He followed up by asking if agreed with sermon but my grandma cut him off and switched to a trivial topic, I assume it was an intentional diversion.




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