Has anyone seen these? They are from the Assemblies of God and they're everywhere. I can't seem to go five blocks without seeing sometimes upwards of three.

What do you all think of them?

I'm of the opinion that they're fairly condescending.

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The sentiment always makes me think... now if only God were the kind of friend who actually shows up with his pick up truck on moving day rather than the guy who says, "nothings to heavy for me" but you end up having to move the fridge with your wife because he never shows up.
Nice! I'm so stealing that similie. :)
They're EVERYWHERE. They make me CRAZY.

It seems like there are better causes that AoG could have put that money towards rather than that stupid ad campaign.
I agree. Giving food to some of these food banks would be a good start. I wonder how much food the money they spent on those signs would have bought?
How can I help but notice? I walk out my door and there they are. I thought they were stupid and condescending. It seems to me that the A of G forgets the human, in favour of superstition.




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