First. The other night I was heading home from the store and say a Darwin fish on the back of the car. I stopped, said hi, and told the driver about our meetup group. Which was really cool, because she hadn't heard of it yet. But, bad organizer that I am, I didn't get her name or email. I didn't give my name or email. I didn't have any sort of tract or card or anything. So I am thinking of ordering some really cheap cards. I could get generic ones with just the meetup and nexus adresses that we all could give to cool people we meet with Darwin fishes, or I could just get something more personal as if I was a multilevel marketer of Springfield Freethinkers. What do you guys think? Lose God now, ask me how? LOL

Second. In my on going effort to gather all our lost sheep. I checked out the Springfield Facebook group and I saw Mriana is already a member, very cool. We cetainly want a presence everywhere we can have one, but I am wondering if our more tech savy members have an idea how best to coordinate between all the social networking sites for people like us in springfield. Should we just have links on each of the pages to all the other pages?

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lol Yes I am on Facebook. :) I do hope you asked for a friend request, because, unless you went by your name here, I'd have no way to find you.

It's a shame you didn't think to give her a means to contact us. Cards would be good, because the info is already written and would save time, so everyone could go about their business and then go have some fun.
I was just checking with my wife's facebook, but now I have my own, and there's an hour of my life I can never get back. I have sent you a friend request. I talked with Laura the organiser and she made me an officer so it will be easy to update that site as well. James, I think you are right on the money about centralising things, just to save all the back and forth. Anyone else who is on face book, if you feel the need to reach out in one more place.

Springfield Freethinkers Unite
Jonathan's Facebook page
I'd be glad to have her as a friend too. :)
Jonathan, I have had similar experiences. Ones where I walked away thinking I had missed an outreach opportunity. "Lose God now, ask me how" is pretty catchy.:)

I think all of you are doing a great job being out there. This is an exciting time and it'll be fun to see where all of this activity leads.
"Lose God now, ask me how" - I love it! You can get some "free" cards on Vista Print (you pay for shipping and handling). Then you can do like I do, and start slipping them in different places, like anywhere where you can put a credit card or a dollar bill. Drop a few off in the Christian section at Barnes and Noble and Borders. It's like a mini adrenaline rush to put them in places like your work, where you might get caught.

I joined some Freethinkers group on Facebook, and then flipped out when I realized that my new membership was broadcast to all my students who are my friends on that account! Eeeek! That's why I have two MySpace accounts - one for my students, and one for the real me (celtix1234).

I think you should post links to pertinent networking sites on all your sites. Cover all the bases we can.


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