Lunch at Galloway Station was a lot of fun. Ten of us were able to make it. Three new people, Me and Tasha, Barb and Tiberius, Matt, and two reguars from Ozarks, Dan and Malia. Talking with like minded people is so refreshing some of us stayed till dinner. We took photos that will be up soon. On the group business side, we discussed branding. Our artists are working up a group logo. And, we will try to make all our social networking sites look alike and link to the meetup.

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Sounds like I missed out on a lot of fun. :( Sorry I couldn't make it- family issue came up, not exactly an emergency, but important.
I hope everything worked out okay.
I'm not sure yet. It's a very long story.

Good fun! Wish I could have stayed. But I won stuff at the baby shower, so I guess it turned out ok (I kick ASS at baby showers!). I hope the new people come back.

Ummm....who exactly is working up a group logo?
Well, Eric said he would contemplate the name situation and Dan said he would think about a look... so I may have been a bit over optimistic. I do have an idea bouncing arround in my head... so we will just have to see.

PS In my head its brass word on a black background in an old fashoined bubbly text, saying Springfield Freethinkers, maybe a small subtitle saying Atheists Agnostics Humanists and Skeptics


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