That's right, I went to check out the group and they rock. For one thing, a couple of them are already on the meetup. So fellow atheists, check. For another thing, they invited us to hang out with them. So next first Wednesday of the month, I know where I am going to be. Right now they meet in a cool little lounge area under the Unitarian Church, but if there are too many of us to fit, they are willing to relocate to a larger area upstairs. Finally, have I mentioned these are the coolest people in Springfield. Retired lawyers, architects, people who taught english in Asian refugee camps, teachers, people who lived in scandinavia etc. Each week they discuss handouts. I will post links or copies of this tonights articles, because they are really interesting, and the ones for next month. (But probably not tonight...) I also think several of them will be coming to IHOP next week.

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Cool! I want to make next month's. I feel bad, but I really tired and I had just got home when you called. I hadn't even sat down yet. lol Can't wait until next Wednesday's meeting at IHOP.
It's a good thing. About 5 minutes after we spoke my wife got a reminder that she had to be at a CASA lecture in 20 minutes. So don't feel bad, I would have had to stand you up and then I would have felt even worse.
Our homework as it were for the next meeting include reading so that we can discuss
Natural Faith: How Darwinian evolution has transformed liberal religion. By William R. Murry UUWORLD
Spring 2009 2.15.09

The second is an article about Phil Zuckerman (who worte an awesome book "Society without God".)
Scandinavian Nonbelievers, Which Is Not to Say Atheists By PETER STEINFELS New York Times:February 27, 2009
I added a meetup so don't forget to RSVP
Eric and I went to the UU church several times back around 1997-2000, but for some reason it felt a little cliquish to us. Everyone was nice enough, but they didn't really take an interest in us. I've been thinking about trying again, and maybe getting some friends to go too, so at least it wouldn't be just the two of us standing around after the ceremony hoping someone will invite us into their discussion. Have you ever gone on a Sunday? What is the Wednesday thing? I like the idea of it!
I've been to the sunday morning service. Tasha was feeling sleepy so I went by myself. I sat next to an elderly woman who explained everything for me and then after the service she introduce me to a lot of people, including Linda the office manager, with whom I chatted for nearly an hour. The service itself wasn't really for me. I would go again for social reasons but I have had enough "church" to last a life time. The 1st Wednesday of every month, a humanist group meets in the church basement. The regulars are mostly ederly and have been getting together for a long time, but they were very welcoming and interested in us. They are sort of like the original Springfield freethinkers. As I mentioned above, they were all really interesting wellinformed people. Even though I realise that the whole "New Atheist" thing is a load of crap, I haven't actually met any older free thinkers before and it so fascinating.


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