Hey Everybody, Greg Lammers who is the Missouri State Director of the American Atheists is coming to town this Sunday. (He is also a member of our group now.) You can see our full conversation in the comments on both our pages. He says, "I am planning on being in Joplin and Springfield this weekend to meet up with as many Atheists as I can." He asked "Where is a good place (restaurant or coffee shop with plenty of room) in Springfield to meet Sunday afternoon at 3:00?" I was thinking that the Panera's can be really nice for small to medium size groups. I haven't been on a lot of Sundays but I think it's quiet mid afternoons. Let me know what you think, especially if there is a really cool spot I'm not aware of.

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Panera's near MSU? Or the Panera near the North Walmart Supercenter? Or the one near the library south of there? Which one?
I haven't been there, but I hear HeBrews coffee shop (yeah, I appreciate the irony) on east Republic Rd is pretty roomy. Has anyone been there?
I haven't been to HeBrews, and yes that's very funny. I have read a few reviews and it sounds pleasant but is anyone concerned about supporting an overtly Christian business or worried that a whole bunch of heathens talking about Atheism in a Christian joint might insight a riot.
Oh, is it overtly Christian? I didn't know. I thought it was just one of those cutsey names like a lot of hair salons do.
Nope, it's not a cutesy name or at least not according to that article.
Here is a review:

The good thing about Paneras are the rooms that you can reserve in advance. They are really quiet once you shut the door. My wife and I had a wedding reception in one and it was nice... but no oversized fluffy chairs to sit in :( I will always side with comfy oversized chairs.
Hi all, which Panera is the easiest for an out-of-towner to find? :)
It's going to be at the Panera's on National. I can hardly wait to meet some of you in person. Here is a link to the meetup.

I plan on being there.


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