Before the tree-fort is over-run with the unwashed masses of causal fan, should we establish our unchallengeable beliefs? For example, Jar-Jar hatred is unquestionable, as is, Han shot first and we will brook no back talk? Do we love the prequels, hate them or tolerate them?

Seriously, I remeber seeing the first film in 78 when I was a kid at the drive in and loved it. I really fell in love with the series after Return of the Jedi had come and gone and I got into the role playing game in high school. I read a lot of the books that came out and reallly liked the Heir to the Empire series and the X-Wing series, and the Dark Forces game. I'm just curious about your memories for the series and current feelings about the franchise in general or any specific aspects.

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i might be the only truly hard core "star wars dork" who doesn't remember the first time I saw the original movie. It came out when I wasn't yet a year old so I just always remember it being there. I remember the first time I saw Empire and the first time I saw Jedi (my great-grandma took me...that was a trip) but not the first time I saw the original.....hmmmm maybe I'll ask Mom.

Anyway.....I agree with most all of your clubhouse rules. Jar-Jar sux nerf balls, no way Greedo shot first (even in the books he's a pansy IMO), I actually don't mind episodes II & III but I was pretty bad. They do bother me with the continuity errors though.


I personally love the newer novels with a more adult feel (new jedi order and on). Just recently finished the "fate of the jedi" series. it was pretty good. Zahn is by far the best of the authors that regularly write.

May 25th, 1977. Newport News mall cinema. 1st showing at 12:00. There were only a handful of people in attendence. By that weekend, lines around the block. I was in the USAF, 22 y.o., and mustering out in 3 mos., August. Some things you just don't forget, you know.

Han did shoot first. Jar-Jar sucks dead donkey balls in hell! That's where I stand. Thanks.

Funny Tony! Jar Jar does suck!

and yeah Hand did shoot first. I actually made a discussion on that in my Geek and Nerd Haven Group.

I've forgotten the exact date, but it was the late spring or early summer of 1977 and the venue was the Stanley Warner Triplex cinema in Paramus, NJ.  This was an old-school theater - LARGE - and fully set up for a 70 mm print and full six-channel stereo surround.

The Fox fanfare never sounded so good and acted as brief prelude to the explosive opening chord of the Star Wars theme and introducing crawler.  I watched that, immediately thinking of the similar style of the old Flash Gordon serials I watched as a kid, though this was executed far better.  The rebel blockade runner flashing onto the screen was impressive enough, but when the Imperial Starship followed ... [wry chuckle] well, need I say more?

Not long after that, I saw SW in a regular theater and a 35 mm print, and it wasn't remotely the same experience.  The larger, bowed screen, anamorphic optics and surround-sound setup at the Triplex utterly SHAMED the smaller print.  Because of that, I and my friends would make at least one or more pilgrimages to Paramus to take in what we thought of as the real deal.  Later, when I moved back to Cleveland in 1978, I would see what later became Episode IV multiple times and introduce it to others, but ALWAYS a 70 mm print.  This pattern continued with The Empire Strikes Back and [Revenge] Return of the Jedi.

The 70 mm format has pretty much gone away since then, and I think that's a damned shame.  3-D is occasionally fun, but still very problematic (even with The Avengers), and I still think the wide film format still does a better job of involving the audience without the glasses.


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