Plinkett (RedLetterMedia) Dismantles Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

I remember when Star Wars: The Phantom Menace first came out and seeing it at the theaters, probably more than once. I also remember thinking that something wasn't quite right with Episode One, then with Two and Three when they premiered as well, though I couldn't put my finger on just what it was that didn't click with me.

Whoever Plinkett (a.k.a. RedLetterMedia) is, he not only put his finger on it, he just about put his fist through the gaping holes in the production, plot, and characters of TPM. Even more, he shows where the Original Trilogy got it right and the prequels get it so utterly wrong. So what if this guy is an occasional raving loony with a mush-mouth voice who seems to have problems with ... no, we won't mention that. Better you find out for yourself about his, umm ... "eccentricities," yeah, that's the word ... but his analysis of Episode One is too on-the-mark to ignore.

So set aside some time (you'll need it) and have a look. You may want a kidney belt handy too ... oh, yeah, and maybe a barf bag.

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Thanks for telling me about this! I'll have to watch it!
Hey Loren I agree that the Phantom Menace and the other prequels pretty much distorted the Star Wars series. There are all sorts of holes and inconsistencies. I sometimes wonder why he even bothered to make those movies and then I remember all the money he made and I have my answer.


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