I personally like Darth Bane. What is everyone else's favorite book?

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I really liked the X-Wing series and Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter
I'm so excited about the third novel.

Death Troopers looks awesome!!
I haven't been keeping up with the new books for a couple of years, but I recently heard an interview with the author of Death Troopers on a podcast last week and it sounds really good. I'll have to pick it up.
I'm addicted to the Star Wars books. Have you read a lot of the books?

I am actually about to move on to Star Trek.
In the timeline, up to the Corellian Trap. I sort of fell away from the contenuity in the New Jedi Order? I changed jobs and couldn't keep up, and I drifted into non-fiction. The books were 3 times the price, but No Logo took a solid month to read. I could blow through a novel in a week. That having been said, memories are coming back and I'm getting interested in reading them agian, but we just cleaned out a lot of our books and the Star Wars ones went to the used bookshop. I really liked the 'Tales of the ...' books, especially when they included characters from the old role-playing game in modules I played through.

On another topic, what do you think of the Star Trek movies 're-boot' of the timeline? I actually thought it was a good idea, I figue it would allow a new movie series much more freedom in terms of continuity.
Sure, I mentioned Naomi Klien's No Logo, as well as The Shock Doctrine. My wife gave me 'Hacking Matter' a couple of years ago, facinating read about using pseudo-elements generated by pumping the correct number of electrons into nano-scale chambers, kind of like the way diodes in electronics work. I only got about half of it thanks to electronics schooling years ago. The God Delusion stands out, as does The Demon Haunted World and Freakenomics. The Men Who Stare At Goats was great, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie. Wow, looking back there were quite a few, I wish I had a better memory for the content. Along the same lines, although its fiction, is Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I had to take three runs at the sucker, but I managed to get through it and enjoy it on re-reads.
I enjoyed it. I'm very excited about the two movies to follow. Maybe a new series will come out of it. I personally thought that the actor who played "Bones" did an excellent job. I thought that he was the best out of the new cast.
I'm a big fan of the New Jedi Order series. Really enjoyed the way they made it feel more "grown up" dealing with much darker themes and real life issues like the loss of Chewbacca and Anikan Solo. And of course the pre-cursors of Jacen falling to the dark side


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