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Comment by Joan Denoo on October 10, 2018 at 10:29pm

As to the behaviors of christians and their plot to control the world, they start with their babies and children and loved ones, carry it on to the community, and we observe them doing what is necessary to get what they want, without regard for who they hurt and how badly. Believing they had the right to own other human beings and teaching that belief to their children is one element of a crime, but to institutionalize it by preventing blacks from learning to read and write is another. Keeping people who did not look as they looked out of job opportunity, out of positions of leadership, and out of every being upward mobile device they could and using people to serve them is an unimaginable outrage. Naming them as inferior means exactly what? 

The religious took native children away from their parents, destroyed the natives' language, spirituality, and traditions were no different than the modern kidnappers of this era who take even tiny babies from their mothers' breasts and the religious silence drowns out the most generous beneficence of those who give bibles to displaced people. Oh! that is a sure sign of religious generosity. 

Need I go on? Sure! Why not?

The Religious Right seems to think that Trump is their savior, while he makes even worse the growing gap between the wealthy and the poor. The Middle Class declines in numbers and ratios even as the people living below the poverty lines grow. Fewer people grow wealthier. This is to be cheered? encouraged? supported?

Just one other thing, women have the best idea of whether or not they should be having any or more children even as the religious institutions remain silent in the face of growing opposition to family planning and a woman's right to choose.

I had better stop before I blow a gasket. I have heard all the bromides and don't need to hear them again. Stay away from me if you don't like what I say. I could begin to get serious.   

Comment by Joan Denoo on October 10, 2018 at 5:11pm

On another note, I just reread the Strong Atheist Information, and I am surprised I joined. Allow me to offer my comment, and I expect to be treated as an intelligent, mentally healthy, mature woman and not be called names, blamed, threatened,  put-down, discounted, trivialized, and demonized!

I am a strong atheist! Let us get that one out of the way from the start. 

I rebel against religion because I recognize that it causes harm to individuals, families, communities, nations, and the Earth. It discriminates as it behaves in intolerant ways. Religion does not rise in opposition against those who emotionally and physically harm others who are different. Where is the outrage from the religious community as we deal with the unethical, immoral, illegal, hurtful ways our president thinks and acts, for example?

I am an anti-religious person, and I belong in this group. I do not belong to a group of people who use such language as "stupid," "imbeciles," or "moron." We are better than that. I also do not belong to a group who use terror or violence to make our point known. 

Religion does harm as it teaches things that are not true and that impedes intelligence, i.e., the pope and Rcc (intentional small letters) follow the unhealthy and often deadly policies of not allowing family planning, preventing the use of condoms even when preventing sexually transmitted disease is the issue, it takes away the power of the woman by not allowing her to use contraceptives and it looks the other way as men punish, mentally and physically, when a woman tries to limit her pregnancies.

The protestant church is no better; it teaches myths and fables as if they are facts, even when research demonstrates the errors of the teachings. 

The religious claim their sacred texts teach morals and ethics even as the stories curdle the blood of a sensible person. 

I've run out of time and have gone on too long!

OK! Expel me if you want! If so, I do not want to be part of this. 

(348 words) 

Comment by Joan Denoo on October 10, 2018 at 4:41pm

Keith, you probably discovered how to use Discussion by now and in case you have not, 

Scroll up toward the top of this Comment Wall and 

"Add a Discussion" appears on the left margin above the Comment Wall. 

A new space will appear where you can post whatever topic you wish to have discussed. Yes, you can post your piece, 'A Chemical Analogy' as a foundation upon which we will focus our responses. 

Or you can post where to find your piece, ie if I want you to read the Declaration of Independence, I would give the address where it can be found,

Don't be surprised if a conflict emerges in the discussions. That is normal, acceptable, and offers an opportunity to work through the conflict using civil methods. We/I do not accept name-calling, blaming, put-downs, discounts, trivializations, and demonizations. We are better than that and we learn how to do a better job of managing conflict because we correct each other using care and compassion as part of our discourse.

I am so happy to see hour response. Welcome to the group.  

Comment by Patricia on October 10, 2018 at 4:07pm

They'll stop at nothing!

I saw a photo some years ago of a little girl about age 4, tied to a cross being carried around by several very large men. She was screaming. She'll never get over that!

Comment by Loren Miller on October 10, 2018 at 4:01pm

The word that comes to mind for me, Patricia, is LUDICROUS ... and it comes too close to the story I heard about one of the abuse victims in Pennsylvania who was forced to reenact the crucifixion NUDE.  Whoever staged that despicable "Passion Play" should be strung up!

Comment by Patricia on October 10, 2018 at 3:56pm

Totally outrageous, & needless!!!!

Comment by Idaho Spud on May 8, 2017 at 1:10pm

Yes, it is an interesting thought.  I think many would like a virtual reality world.

Myself, I enjoy learning about reality and growing things so much that I wouldn't want virtual reality.

Comment by Felix Duesenburg on May 8, 2017 at 12:00pm

I like this man's take on religions as virtual reality and how he spans over time with it, saying today's or tomorrow's VR isn't really something we don't already have since forever. Interesting thought.

Comment by Idaho Spud on May 6, 2017 at 5:40am

I like your post Lilac.

Comment by Keith Sewell on December 18, 2015 at 6:59pm


Your little paragraph quote by David Silverman is absolutely spot on. The sad answer to his 'How can they do it?' is that they've been carefully trained to do it from birth. And the even sadder addendum comment is that from our starting point (subjective/emotional 'reptilian' and 'old mammalian brains being in executive control) the kind of analytical confusion and moral duplicity involved in doing it has actually been adaptive throughout most of our species' history. We haven't really had a hope of solving the problem until about our past 100 years. We actually could solve it now, but 99.999% of us are still too deeply convinced that that's impossible. 

I've attached the link to a little essay here, sparked by the recent Paris and San Bernardino horrors, which I think at least introduces my point and proposed solution. If you read then let me know how you get on.

All the best,




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