I'm fairly new to this site, and to this group. I'm glad I've found it though.

I find myself so angry lately. Angry at all these stupid Christians and fundies who thank their stupid, imaginary god for every little thing in their lives, yet blame him for nothing!

I know a woman whose husband was recently fired from his retail job because two women said he sexually harassed them. I have no idea if the accusations are true or not, but I have met the man a few times and doubt they are true. Not the point.

The point is, they have 3 children. Two with special needs and one newborn. They are a one-income family - now a no income family - with no health insurance after COBRA expires. She gets on Facebook and is saying how great god is and how he will provide and there's always a reason for everything and it's always positive, blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda. All her friends get on there with their "amens", and "he's so great" comments.

EXCUSE ME?! Having your one income taken away, your husband's reputation trashed, your kids unable to get medical care they need, maybe losing your house and car - that's all god's will and you're HAPPY about it?! WTF?!

How can people be so utterly stupid and blind? Where's the blame for god taking his job? Where's the blame for the ruined reputation with no proof of wrongdoing? How can they only acknowledge the good and not any of the bad?

If a child is sick and everyone prays, two things can happen. The kid gets better or he dies. If he gets better they all say god stepped in and answered their prayers. If the kid dies, no one blames god and says, "why the hell didn't he answer our prayers?". They all say it was god's will. All the credit and none of the blame. Who operates on that kind of system?!

The only thing I can think is that she HAS to believe in god and his "goodness" or her life would suck so badly she'd kill herself.

I can't vent like this to anyone but my husband. We're atheist homeschoolers in a very Christian city, so we're surrounded by these idiots on a daily basis and sometimes it just builds up. I'm sure my husband gets tired of listening to me rant about these crazies. Thankfully, I have found one other atheist homeschooler, but she's a doctor and works out of town, and has 3 boys to raise. So, we don't get to talk as much as we'd like.

Thanks for letting me vent. Sometimes I just wish if I hit them hard enough, they'd wake up and "see the light".

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This is a great place to vent about these stupid Christians. My mother does practically the same thing and I can't stand her. One thing I really hate about these situations when Christians are involved is that, they use the "God gave us free will" card.

BTW, check out www.meetup.com, to see if you have a local atheist group. =]
Thanks, Ida. I'll check it out. Not much hope though. It's common here for the first question people ask after meeting you is, "What church do you go to?". When I say we don't, they start telling me the virtues of their church & why we should go there. Then I explain that we don't go for a reason and I get the strangest looks.

Some choose not to associate with me anymore (fine by me), and some are really curious. "What makes you be a good person?" is a common question. Like I can't possibly have morals or ethics without the threat of eternal damnation to do a good deed while alive.

I was raised Catholic but started having serious doubts about their logic when I was about 9. I declared I was an atheist while in high school. My mom's belief had waned near the end of her life, but she wasn't ready to give it up. Both my parents went to Catholic school, so it was deeply ingrained. My dad died believing, even though he broke a lot of commandments in his life. Somehow he was able to justify his adultery and I'm sure he was forgiven by his imaginary friend.

My in-laws are all very religious. Southern Baptist. My husband's uncle was the preacher that married us. I allowed it to keep family peace and because my husband was still on the fence at the time. I did make the uncle rewrite a great portion of the vows so I wasn't saying things I didn't believe. Hubby has now seen the light and is probably more angry than I am at times. But, he has to remain neutral in public due to his job. People would stop using him and tell their friends if they knew he was a heathen.

My in-laws at first tried to blame me for his atheism, but have come to see that he's his own person. We all agree to disagree and not talk about it. Other than their myths, they are wonderful in-laws.

It's just been a frustrating day with these idiots around here. Wish me luck in finding a local atheist group. Maybe I'll pray about it :-)
Good news! There is a group here! Kind of small, but they're just getting started. They're actually having a meeting tonight!

Thanks again for the suggestion!
That's awesome. Hope you find more people in your area, but it's a start!
I recently got one text message saying that and I replied,"Happy Winter Solstice". The person replied saying "It was monday was it not? Oh yah Happy Winter Solstice." If people don't already know about other holidays around this time, they might go look it up.
How can people be so utterly stupid and blind?

Life can be tricky sometimes and it takes intelligence and hard work to find the solutions, but what if you're dumb and lazy?

No worries, just hand your life over to god and let him make all the decisions.

Religion is the greatest cop-out of all time - and that's what people find so attractive about it.
I know I am late to this discussion, but I have to comment, because I LOVE ranting about xtians and their idiotic beliefs. I am a single gay, so I have my share of free time, and I roam in a wide circle of all kinds of people, but I am forever surprized at how many in my clique are atheists. All coincidence. And I live in a smallish Texas town that is littered with churches.

My latest rant invovles a long term lesbian client (I'm a vet). She hasn't come out to me, which is retarded because everyone knows I'm gay. She still calls her gf her "roommate." I guess she is stuck in 1989. I saw her yesterday and she told me her father had finally died after a long illness. We talked about grief and how she was handling it. She told me she had been gardening more, and then insisted that her garden was such a blessing. She went on, "I've been finding feathers in my garden."
I thought, "What the hell?", but kept looking sincere. That is when she told me that feathers are symbols of angels, and her father had been visiting her as an angel. I had to pull out my Meryl Streep acting skills to manufacture my response without loling.

I don't even know what it must be like to believe shit like that. Can you imagine?
HA. Thanks for making my morning! That is tooo funny for words! Proof positive that people can convince themselves of almost anything when their minds are addled by religion. Maybe you could suggest she put up a bird bath to encourage more angel visits?




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