I am selling Red debossed, silicon bracelets that’s say "ATHEIST & PROUD OF IT"

A few new things have come from reviewing the first orders already in.

These are the new aspects


What: Red, engraved, silicon bracelet announcing your belief of atheist and that your PROUD!!


WHEN: I recieved the bracelets 13 days sooner than expected!! SO there ready for sale and will be sent 1 to 2 days after i confirm your order personally.



Your full name

Full address

Email for easy updates and also (PAYPAL)

How many bracelets


COST:NON pay pal

1st bracelet- 3$

2 bracelets- 5$

3rd and 4th are as well 2$ SO for 1=3$, 2=5$, 3=7$, 4=9$

I can send 4 MAX! in one letter so your 1st, 5th, 9th... bracelets are going to be 3$

You don’t pay until you receive the bracelet(s) and all you do is send your amount back to the billing address, preferably between paper so you cant tell there’s money in it.

This makes it possible for no risk on your side :) and no credit cards

COST: using pay pal

Same as above BUT a .50cent charge and a 2.9% of your total will be added to cover pay pal transactions

Example: 2 bracelets= 5$+.50+.14= $5.64.  The 14 cents comes from 2.9% of 5$


WHY?: because you will notice that if you try to buy just one or two that you will run into 8 dollars just for 1 or 2 around the 12$ range for a second bracelet with shipping included!! :/


You can place an order on my page (messages are easy for me to keep track of) or my Facebook page under my name. I’m from Flint MI for searching reasons


Thanks a lot and SPREAD THE WORD!!! Wear them with pride


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Have you worn this yourself outside of a comfort zone?   I live in WV, and am a little leery...


BUT,  I really like this idea.  Please keep us updated on how much you sell, and perhaps, which states.

Thanks,  Jen

I have two of them in the picture on my wrist, i personally am keeping 4 incase of them breaking like my old live strong one just did :/, but so far i just kicked it off and am trying to spread the word ive sold 35, and some states are NY, MD, TX, KS, AZ, MI, FL, KY, OK, CT, and ive had questions from canada but im figureing out the cheapest ways to get them out, being the reason i started was because 1 or 2 bracelets coast you 8-12$ plus shipping.

I am very proud of what i am and my beliefs, i share it with everyone and no matter against a person or a group im never intimidated out of my stance. Because well frankly i think were right and though it may take a long time to break down the walls and wills of the false will get there :)

DO be ready for a lot of debate! one of the reasons people dont attack my personality or morality in my personal life is because i have already established myself as a well knows nice guy before everyone really KNEW where i stood. Im the guy who will do anything for you if it makes your day easier, a gentleman. So its hard to take apart my personality unless only basing it on my non beliefs, thus prooving my point about religion haha, Plus most people around here cant argue past there first and last line of i know gods real and thats good enough for me. :) BUT in being so active i have brought out a few silent atheists into the spotlight that before were very iffy on the subject. i say its one of those 0 or 100% things. I wont lie it was very hard puting myself out there against basically everyone, even my parents. But in being proud of it i almost reassure myself that.. hey this is me.. its what i think is right.. and im not letting everyone elts outshine me. haha

I can't argue with your logic or sentiments.   My husband and I are both atheists, and we are out to our families, and I'm pretty sure our neighbors suspect.  But,  I find myself thinking that I don't like how others push their religion in MY face...  My house is the only one that didn't have Xmas lights, my kid doesn't see the easter bunny, and with MY family, we don't do the Jewish holidays  (in another state, aint too many Jews in W. Va ). 

But, once I  start advertising, and believe me, I kinda want to, which is why I'm drawn to your idea, what is in it for me and mine?  I'm being pragmatic here.  And I do have a 9 year old. 

very true you have to guage people more than i do since i dont have the children aspect. But maby even wear one as a step. You dont have to go looking for debates like i sometimes find myself doing haha. It is kinda sad that you have to worry about people because they arent mentaly stable enough to accept things that are different. But Fighting this is my main idea of all of it, and i never encourage anyone to stay kinda hidden about it but in some cases when you feel like it might impact a little past your point of comfort where someone might mess with you or your children, home, job. then maby in this case its better to maby wait a little while to come out 100%. But if its just the morality and personality questioning you may get then i say its more up to you which one is more important to you. And personaly what was in it for me was i felt i owed it to myself to be that one that made it public take a lot of heat for it so maby some others would come out. and indoing that being kind of alone in that aspect it empowered me to be even more out there than i had expected in the first place. I kinda just rambled on and dont know if that answered anything but i hope it helped at least a little


Then why don't people ever ask me WHY my house in the street is the only one dark on Xmas.  It is pretty obvious.   You can certainly bet that my mother gives me a hard time at Passover and Hanukka, etc; and my mother-in-law is annoyed that we will only "do" Xmas at her house. 

So, Santa only comes to THAT g'ma's house.  Told my son, that Santa never visited me when I was a kid,  but he visited Daddy.  Now why would he do that?


But everyone tip-toes.  I'm tempted to just put a scarlet A on our clothes, but I can just see the kid getting grief.

thats not cool! haha ide say well santa isent real so your grandmother in law is angry haha, yeah im looking for a cheaper way to get atheist shirts, and although a lot of them are funny.. i think they would cause me to become the A%& hole "atheist" and give them a reason to hate me lol. I love the scarlet A and i actually saw a few days ago a girl from facebook on one of the atheist groups had a red A on the back of her neck.. now THAT is awesome! ballsy but cool. And about your kid getting grief i guess its just either protect him from a little backlash or set him up and reassure him that its more than ok to be who he is no matter what other kids are going to say, or even parents on that. Theres just so many "100%" christians that i think we just need to stand up just as tall :)




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