Cancer Victim Fired For Being Atheist - Needs Financial Help.

Cancer Victim Fired For Being Atheist - Needs Financial Help.

Amanda Donaldson has been fired from her job for being an atheist; losing her medical insurance while fighting cancer. This is way more important than the usual narcisstic blogs people post here. If we can donate for atheism ads on buses, surely we can help give Amanda not only the financial help her family needs, but equally importantly the emotional support they need too. I've already donated. Surely you can afford to help a bit too? Please let me know you read, and cared. Please disseminate this to your local athesit/Humanist group.

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I really think it's bullshit what happened to her. I just donated.
Done and done. :)

If everyone on A|N donated as much as I just did she would have USD160,000... that'd help, yeah?
What that vile individual has done is outrageous. Showing his true christian colours as most of them do.

I wish you all the best in the world and hope this all works out well for you.

I still can't get my head around the fact that a country as well off as the US has absolutely nothing like our NHS. People here complain about it but the alternative beggars belief in my opinion.
Drew, why don't you name and shame this absolutely disgusting individual? I'd send him a letter with my point of view on his behaviour!
What a heartless thing to do to somebody. Where the hell is the Christian spirit? You know—Turn the Other Cheek, or Love Thy Neighbor. That bullshit goes flying out the window when there’s money involved.

The good doctor says, “There is no place for your thoughts, opinions and beliefs on God in my office, please give me your key and leave.” Nice guy.

What did he expect to achieve with this mean behavior? He wanted to force her to have faith. Dr. Dawson even coerced his employee to attend his professional worship session (church) and she complied.

Check out this line: “They were damaged before they met me,” because they had “hatred for the world.”

To this head-headed numskull, anybody that doesn’t share his God fantasy hates being alive. Not only that, they can’t be trusted; they are liars, and they do the devil’s bidding.

Looks like we can’t even reason with these soldiers of the lord. They have a built-in defense mechanism. Anyone who says disagree with their religious beliefs is an agent of the devil.

Makes for a tough dialogue.
I agree this is wrong - unless there was a religious clause in the contract. It doesn't sound as though there was in this case.
One doesn't have 1st amendment (religious) protection while working for private enterprise. That guarantee is only for government employees and quasi de facto for employees of business' who contract with the government.

An example is the Catholic church can limit their hiring to only Catholics.




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