clean sober, AND SANE!
As far as I can tell, all the Evangelicals are promoting is that you should become one of their group by going along with their consensus.
Unfortunately I have lots of contact with them via various community groups.  One of them really tried to bully and denigrate me in this last week.  I stood up for myself ferociously!
See most of them try to come off as nice, instead of mean.  So what they are is creepy.
There has to be some way of standing up to them.  Its not just a matter of arguing them down because they are not rational.  Its not just that they have faith, as they don't really.  They just have a belief system, and ideology.
More and more I am coming to see just how strong is the relationship with drugs and alcohol.  A high percentage of them have such a history and being Saved means staying clean and sober.  I'm all for clean and sober, but I also think it important to be sane.
A while back someone offered to show me some of the non-religious and non-higher power substance abuse programs.  Its not for me, rather its just to counter these groups of crazies that I now would like to know about such things.  So please, if you know, please share them with me.
I think I am also seeing something else.  I have never felt attracted to drugs or alcohol.  Mostly its just that I've always seen such as peer pressure phenomenon, group identity.  I have always opposed this kind of thinking.  So I have never felt any such pressure.  Some people say that they are vulnerable in some non-sober social environments.  Well for me it wouldn't matter where I was, I would not be vulnerable.  Usually I keep my distance from anything like that.
But its the same with me and the group dynamic aspects of relgion.  It all has always rubbed me the wrong way.  It feels like attempted manipulation of the emotions.  Escapism is not something I seek.
I'll say this one thing.  The social justice stuff of the Evangelicals has an urgency to it.  Actually I should not call it social justice because they don't see it as such.  That is, our country could still be practicing slavery, and they would be worried about getting individuals Saved.
So I should say that their Out Reach Ministries have a sense of urgency about them.  They can't just sit and wait and let things play out.  The Second Comming is expected soon.
"Jesus will come for his own.  But there is still time for more people to get Saved."
I told this person via email that I want our country to have universal health care, free and well funded public schools, an economic safety net, and separation of church and state.
I picked my items carefully as I knew some would resonate with her.  It was also my implied point that it is because of the Evangelical Movement that we don't have such already.
Know what she said?  "You want a lot.  But what are you doing?"
I have fought for justice my entire life.  But she seems not to understand the political dimension.  She means what am I doing in terms of 1000 Points of Light non-governmental charity.
My point was that its because of Evangelical thinking that are society is in such a mess.
I think my main objection to it is not that their is some sort of faith in a higher power behind it, as that sort of faith gives one strength to fight on against odds.  Rather its that this is not what it is about.  They are concerned with who is saved and who is not and who is born again and who is not and who is a believer and who is not and who is a christian and who is not.
Even when they don't say these things they are intentionally using language which presupposes it and makes it so that silence implies consent.
Actually what makes matters urgent is Capitalism.  That is what is destroying the environment and making an unworkable society and making for wars.  So no, none of us can sit still.  The situation is serious and is getting ever more so.  We can't afford to sit still.
Evangelicals had been out of politics, often not even registered to vote, from the 1920's Scopes Trial up until the mid 70's.  Its people like Heritage Institue founder Paul Weyrich who figured out how to bring them out.  The main issue that drove them was that the federal government was tying to enforce the '64 and '65 Civil Rights Acts on Bob Jones University in South Carolina, to end racial discrimination.  They did not shift their focus to gays and abortion until later.
Jimmy Carter was a Southern Baptist Sunday School Teacher who certainly spoke their language.  But they dumped him for the Hollywood Divorcee Playboy Ronald Reagan.  Its been down hill from there ever since!
This person I alluded to told me her church is watching a movie called "Countdown Jerusalem".  Its just like what it sounds like it is.  I was aghast.
They want to read the entire Bible as prohpecy.  I don't mean speaking truth to power, I mean a prediction of the future.  The whole thing is a build up to Revelations.
That is insanity!  But its there underlying everything they say.  Their social justice is more like trying to score points.
"People read the Bible but I don't understand why they don't apply it."
This woman also has an exhusband who still beats her up.  He was with her at a mega-church service and she did not like it.  She turned to him and said, "Everyone here is so positive.  The problem is in your head.  You are the negative one."  Since she has said that she is not sure if he really was Saved.
Well, obviously there is a problem.  But the way she is using these "positive" events and their doctrine is also abusive.  The people in such places are creepy.  So is their doctrine of submission.
Years and years ago I once visited a Bahi Church.  Once was enough.  But I recognized something smart in their literature.  On page 1 it says that all prophecies have already been fulfilled.  You have to do this.
People don't want to accept that this is it, no more prophecies, no End Time to run out, nothing.  This is it.
The urgency should be over the continuing insanity of Capitalism, and its consequences.
Three time I have tried to start my own group on this Atheist Nexus.  They are always pending moderator approval.  Then they vanish.  So I assume they are not approved.  Is their some special requirement for getting one approved?
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