Fellow Atheist:

People are afraid, intimidated, or ignorant of the public need for economic/philosophic change.
Instead, it’s time we abolish these deceptive business practices that, in a sadistic arrangement, will actually benefit no one.
Let the concept of capitalism and corporate greed to hang and swing from the gallows, to waste away in its own filth and ruin.

As members of the slave class, we must speak our opposition loud and clear.
For acceptance, for unity, for those who encourage others and lead them towards enlightenment.

“If we must fight for our human rights; remember, they are only broken bones.
Wounds will heal but deception is forever.”
-Kenneth Neal, A Modern Day Abolitionist


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So do we look for poor people to hire us? Do we all work for a corrupt government like Russia was. So, I run a small business that barely pays the house bills but if I work hard and build my business this makes me a bad person. If my business got real big and I was able to hire a lot of people this one make me filth. I suppose something has happened to the concept of work hard and you get ahead. Not a political person and admit I really am not the smartest but although our system has problems it works for me until there is a better idea. Tell me what works without a government that controls everything and I will be right with you. 

Appreciation of commence and appreciation of capitalistic/corporate greed are two different animals.

Operating a small business is definitely a fantastic venture to undertake, keep it up.

The line in the sand is drawn when our government continues to spit in the face of democracy and allowing fascist corporations to claim dominion over the people.

The people who supply tax dollar to fund government expolitation.

Its a never-ending cycle that will lead into tyrannical rule allowing for indefinite detention towards those who question government authority (NDAA).

The underlining joke is that we are inching our way of life towards a system very similar to Russia's corrupt past.

Too many people are still clinging towards Americana of yesteryear and will be blindsided with the harsh reality of sudden dictatorship.

As you can see, we are working towards shaking the system.

For a democratically ran government where 1 person=1 vote that will eliminate the White House's current agenda.


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