How many times have we heard discussions or read blogs that contained those words. I for one, having read, discussed and rehashed that ole chestnut countless times have come to the conculsion that these people have never been Atheists but are using this sentence to try and persuade us that they saw the light and have converted back and YOU CAN TO.
My feeling is these people are Fundies or Faith heads and are using this line of BS for their own dishonest advantage.
Myself, being a strong Atheist and a strong advocate of science and especially Evolution, think that once you know the truth about the bible and the truth about Evolution, there is no possible way you can convert back short of a lobotamy.

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This reminds me of what xtians say when I tell them I used to be a believer. They INSTANTLY insist that I was never REALLY a believer, or at the very least tell me that I will find my "faith" again. Nope. Not so much.
Right on, Tim. It would take a miracle, literally, to make me go back to dat ole time religion.

In fact, when I was going to Catholic school I was jealous of the people of the New Testament that got to see all the tricks. Why should they get this advantage? How is God be just when he favors his followers in different ways.

My prayer, "Oh, Lord, please blow this ant off my hard-hard waxed coffee table. That's all I need and I'll become a monk."
That homosexuality is a choice? How did that even work...? I can't even wrap my mind around the flawed logic there.

The whole shebang about belief in any religion, the so-called faith is the terror of dying and no afterlife. Most people are quiet easy to be persuaded in something to believe in that assures them that death and suffering for their god is rewarded with everlasting life. They don't want to hear anything or anybody burst their delusional bubble. Actually, I wouldn't bet that atheism is not that much in the minority in the world. I don't blame the people who are brainwashed by this false hope. I blame the leaders who are educated and know damn well they're preaching lies.

I think the people that admit to being atheist and returning to these faiths are really still atheist but are persuaded by the powers that be have convinced them that it would be better for all if they kept quiet and go along.

I was in rehab with the VA and had to go along with the higher power bullshit. I just kept quiet just to have a place to live. I was alcoholic, homeless, and found out I had congestive heart failure. I'm now on VA disability from my service in the Marines in Vietnam. There are times when I have to hold my tongue. I'm no martyr. Some of us atheist can't divulge our disbelief. It's kinda like being a jew in nazi germany to be a confessed atheist in Mississippi.


I've heard Christians claim to have been satanists as well. They rattle off all the things that a Christian believes a satanist is involved with like, virgin sacrifice, demon powers, dungeons and dragons, in the attempt to sway the believers that it really happened. We have a word for this, it is called pathological lying. It is a sickness and needs not be in the human genome.
I think a lot of these people were not really atheists but theists who were angry with their god(s).  Or they're liars.
Some religious organizations train people on how to convert others with their personal testimony.  "I used to be a (non-believer, Jew, Muslim, fill in the blank)" has been working since Paul had a dizzy spell on the road to Damascus.




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