OK, Strong Atheists, how are you acting on your Strong Atheism?

I noted that there are 165 people in the "Strong Atheist" discussion group. I bet, that there are some interesting things to describe.

I don't think that people have to have shouting matches wtih Fred Phelps, or bumper stickers that say "F*ck Religion", or write letters to the editor every week, to call youself "strong". Any involvement is more than most people will do.

For myself, I moderate 2 groups on A|N. I try to promote civil discourse when things seem to get out of hand. This, to promote unity even when there is strong disagreement. I do not discuss religion in the workplace, but when it is discussed, I don't hide my Atheism.

Even small actions add up. I'm wondering what others are doing now.

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I talk to everyone that mentions religion to me and I dont give them a inch of wiggle room to the realities of dogmatic failure.

I have a trailer that is in the middle of construction and implementation that will be placed in public places with multiple banners. The first one to be read as "Not Smart Enough for Science Try Religion!!"

I actively debate Xians in open Debate on A chat program Called Paltalk at http://www.Paltalk.com There is a Atheist Section there with a debate room in which I invite you all to come. Justin831 is my screen name there.


I explain to any religious people who start such a discussion that they are like the five year olds in the playground who threaten to beat up any kids who say Santa doesn't exist. I agree that simply being prepared to state that you are not superstitious when talk rolls around to invisible cloud beings is a hard step for many in the US because there are so many belligerent, religious jerks in the country.
I am very active in the atheist movement. I volunteer at CFI (Center for Inquiry), facilitate a group there and many other things to help out.

I am very open and comfortable about my atheism and it is simply a part of what I am all about. I do bite my tongue so as to show we are not angry people. I do show my contempt for belief in god when provoked though. I see it as an attack on me, my worldview and my principles as a logical, rational, thinking human being.
I speak of the flaws of Religion almost all the time. I care not, of what the 'Theists' call me, for I know that I will defeat them in any debate. There is the fiction under the guise of religion and then there is the truth that shines out from Atheism.

I do have some Christian friends who I debate with from time to time. They are, however, too set in their ways for me to try and open their eyes to the truth. *Sigh* I shall continue to try my hardest.

Viva Atheism!
As a damaged Atheist (they really tried to screw my mind up), then every day i hold onto my own conclusions is a strong(ish) statement. People who believe are made aware of my views and they have to accept that, which either opens or closes a discussion. This however is not the cause of my Atheism, that's down to logic and common sense,a.k.a. science and reason and any narrative should add to whatever it follows a huge chunk of humanitarian conscience.
I have started to get more involved in the recovering religious side of the atheism world. What I am focusing on is the top strategies used by people to put the most cracks in a believers faith.
My favorite technique to date is to stand on their side of the equation and be wrong. Then as they correct me or laught with me - they move to zero.

to put it mathmatically: them - me = 0

One of the truths to mentalism magic is that: if I say it - it is wrong, but if they say it is true. This is also demonstrated in socratic arguments.

Traditional way to argue
They say Noahs Flood Happened
Atheist/Naturalist says flood did not happen
Atheist presents tons of arguments
they listen, and nothing happens

Now lets "Russell some feathers"
They say Noah's flood happened
I say I agree
I start telling some of the funny stuff that would be happening on the ark AND
then I get them to start telling me some of the funny stuff they would imagine happening.

I present things like the dinosaurs were probably in the front of the boat
and I get them laughing at all gas smells that had to go into and out of the one tiny window
and then we talk about the fish tanks on board that protected the fresh water fish from saltwater

It is all about getting them to laugh at all the funny things that would be happening in the ark.
Laughing about drawing straws for who had to trudge the marsupials back to Australia. It is actually a lot of fun taking this approach.

As they laugh, the barriers come down -THEN!!!! they start thinking about funny things too.
They now join in listing some of the crazy things that would be happening too.

Now in less than 3 minutes I have a christian laughing at the Noah story.

In another minute or so, I add in some critical questions (I don't present the facts, they do):
like how much water would have to fall per hour to have water get to the top of mt Arrarat.
I let them guess how big the mountain is, they guess how long the rain occurred,
they do the math of how much rain per hour that is.

These are all answered while the person is still laughing and coming up with funny stuff.

What I like most about this approach if done right is you have started to make a friend. AND they will want to come back and talk with you about other funny stuff. THEY WANT YOU TO FIND MORE FUNNY IN THE BIBLE. WOW.

Hope everyone can make some friends with a religious person and help them find the funny in the bible.
That's all because deep down inside they KNOW this stuff is wrong and they WANT you to point it out. They want to be able to for at least a moment, laugh at the stupid stuff. Doesn't mean it will stick, but cheers to you for helping them put their big toe outside of the box for even a moment. Maybe they will feel more comfortable thinking about these things, and who knows? Maybe even logic will creep in and free their minds completely!!!!
This is my hope for humanity!
I always say, "I thought you were more intelligent" when people assert their belief. Lost a few friends, but what the smeg? It`s all in the name of promoting reason, so a worthy cause to lose a friend to. I NEVER keep my mouth shut around those that affront knowledge and reason, never will.
When I was ten, I drew pictures and wrote about the Big Bang Theory on the back of Christian missionary's flyers and redistributed.

I refused to kneel down during a mass in front of a few hundred people in a church on Christmas. I walked out of the church, feeling no guilt and proud of myself. And I am still proud of myself for doing that.

I went to play Blackjack in the casinos while my coworkers were having a Christmas party.

I deliberately ignored discussions of Christmas among my coworkers during the days before Christmas.

I refused to apply to any religious colleges while I was in high school. I went to a Catholic high school.

I constantly make fun of Christians in real life. One time, I had a philosophy meeting and we had a discussion about Christian fundamentalist's belief. There was one Christian fundamentalist in the meeting, and I make fun of Christianity in front to him and he left. lol.

I was the only one who refused to worship idols while the manager and owner set up an altar and asked everyone in the company to worship gods.

Do I need to add more? There are just too many.
You are a bully atheist. Keep it up.
I enjoy pointing out during the xmas season, that most of the traditions included into their xmas celebrations were assimilated from pagan rituals and not rooted in ANY christian tradition whatsoever. I love to reference their christmas trees and hanging of the green! Not christian at all!!! Funny how religion can take a tradition that isn't even theirs and spin some kind of religious meaning onto it. But that is how the whole thing works isn't it?
I used to stick warning stickers on the inside of bibles stating that they shouldn't be read by children and that the book contained scenes of incest, murder, genocide racism, torture, execution, rape, etc.

Unfortunately I used the last of them up when I was at the SXSW festival in Austin earlier in the year.


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