OK, Strong Atheists, how are you acting on your Strong Atheism?

I noted that there are 165 people in the "Strong Atheist" discussion group. I bet, that there are some interesting things to describe.

I don't think that people have to have shouting matches wtih Fred Phelps, or bumper stickers that say "F*ck Religion", or write letters to the editor every week, to call youself "strong". Any involvement is more than most people will do.

For myself, I moderate 2 groups on A|N. I try to promote civil discourse when things seem to get out of hand. This, to promote unity even when there is strong disagreement. I do not discuss religion in the workplace, but when it is discussed, I don't hide my Atheism.

Even small actions add up. I'm wondering what others are doing now.

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TShirts. Exercise.
I have little or no contact with the people that raised me and have through their power and influence fucked up my life totally. Though some of our decisions are our own even when i feel i've made the correct decision they have fucked me up at every turn.
How can they do this; I once glanced at a web site for survivors of Freemasonary and the parallells are chilling. In the same way the bastards I was raised by affected my educational, employment and social opportunities through power, influence and a pernicious whispering campaign. Perhaps that's why the Godfather movies were so popular we all recognise such cancerous constructs within our own societies (f ing good movies as well though).
I was raised in a deprived neighberhood yet was recognised, so they tell me, as having the intellect and abilities to go further. Any chance of which was denied.
So i was raised in a sect within a much larger sect. Much of what i understand now is in retrospect as it is for any reasonable functioning adult,the retrospective view always has 20/20 vision, we learn from our own experiences so some things obvious were not obvious to me then.
So now I realise how much they hated me, yet at the time I was raised thinking that I was virtually revered my every opinion hung on etc etc..
So it would appear now that I was being raised to be some sort of 'messianic' figure within the cult within a cult. Think one of those T.V. evangelistic tossers and you get the idea. One bad, (for them) mistake they made though was that although they 'imprisoned' me within this sect within a sect I was not privy to the aims, ideals or motivations of this sect within a sect. These things were expected to be apparrent to me once I had accepted their ideals and beliefs as the only possible ideals and beliefs.
So here I am after a lifetime of mental, emotional, intellectual and in ways more subtle than outright sexual, abuse of my sexuality, social ostrezisation, financial and other abuses. Here I am responding to the different intellectual and philisophical views. Withstanding the poverty and social penalties.
Please do not think they do not know my views neither. Every chance I get I speak out against their beliefs until they make sure that the few conversations I do have the b's avoid the subject altogether. I have spoken to Muslims directly, without being strident, about the goatfuckers marriage to a child. This they assured me was a 'pure' marriage. I speak out on a regular basis against the people that imprisoned (raised) me and believe you me they know. It costs me but evey day spent alone is a day away from my abusers and there's a crumb of comfort there. And maybe just maybe another nail in the coffin of their perverse and evil belief system.
I take every opportunity to assert that

- I am atheist
- god is imaginary
- faith = delusion
- Theism is a mental disorder.
- criticism is NOT the same as attacking a person, rather it is crucial to the survival of civilization.
I don't know what is "involved", but I regularly tell people exactly what I think about their religious claptrap. My partner and I confront fundies when we encounter them and as someone heavily involved in other "controversial" advocacy, confrontation involving simple logic and basic questions where their only answers seem to be that I wouldn't question if I simply had "faith". Well, that's not good enough. Accept it because I say so is not a valid argument. Accept it with no logic or evidence. No. As for their constant barage of shouting and shoving of literature in my face. Hmm.. it's a public venue. This weekend we discussed this and I think we will simply be giving them their own medicine. "I say no to preaching hate. I say no to preaching fear. I say no to preaching ignorance. I say no to people who poison children's minds. I say no to you." Repeat until they will listen or your lunch break is over.. whichever comes first.

Have any of you read the narrative between Socrates meets Jesus? I've got to find this again. I used to be a manager of a half-way house. I would post copies of stuff like this at ever opportunity.


I am one of the leaders of the Australian Secular Lobby. I like to network people together, not just on the net but IRL. I have prompted the Brisbane members of the Atheist Foundation of Australia to have a "post flood" get together. I am constantly fighting the Australian soft theocracy, especially the religion in schools, with Ron Williams high court challenge, trying to push chaplains back out of schools, block the Gideons from handing out school bibles in public schools, get rid of Religious Instruction in public schools and, an even harder struggle, get rid of government funding for faith schools. Another fight in the political arena is to remove "promoting religion" as a charitable act, providing churches with tax exemptions in ludicrous ways.


My tools are networking with school parents, letters to the editor, public speaking, the occasional article in papers and at online opinion and lots of practice with debating the looneys on forums. My 15 yo daughter is also turning into a bit of a firebrand while doing exceedingly well at science in high school.


Good thing I have a day job too to keep the family fed ;)

I remove religious propaganda from public billboards and openly discuss my absolute admiration of nature vs supernatural and mythical urban legends any chance I have. Urban legends are a pet peeve of mine cuz they are usually propagated by religious idiots who have no clue.
I am a weak Atheist, a weak human, and a weak person. But I spend most of my time talking with my customers and expressing my views, beliefs, and opinions of something I dearly love: science and something I do not hate, but feel is very detrimental to forward progress: religion. I tell people that I respect their right to believe in religion, but I do expect them to respect my right not to believe. By telling them that, I empower them to be someone who is reasonable and worth listening to. This also lets me be their equal and they respectfully listen to me (but maybe not agreeing or believing me).

In the past, I have met and had conversations with religious people who from the start of the conversation believed and and acted like they were superior to me and I had nothing to offer them as beneficial information. They did not listen and only offered their opinion. I feel sorry for those people, because after all we are all Homo sapiens sapiens.
I am very open about the fact that I'm an Atheist.I am Assertive/borderline aggressive. I grew up in an aggressive environment so I do not fear threats. I do not back down when challenged on the subject by ANYONE, immediate family & friends included. Example.
I have a very close circle or friends in my current location who I have known since I was 14. As I stated above I am very open about it, but I have been really lucky that none of my close friends have taken offence to my recent "coming out"... Or so I thought. The closest one to me out of the group decides (not even an hour ago) to ERUPT!!!!! Now mind you this guy can kick my ass up and down the street, and I grew up fighting so I can hold my own. So even as my calm, neutral (in my opinion) questions sent him into what I am going to nicely say was a "physically aggressive" posture. I never backed down. I made my points, and in his blind almost rage... He agreed to pretty much all of my points, but is so blinded by jesus he didn't realize it.

I'm pretty much your average militant atheist. My lack of belief is no secret and I parade it offline - in conversations and debates or wearing the occasional t-shirt - and online - occasional blogging and commenting on public forums and such websites as youtube and mailfriends.com. The latter is a true hive of Creationist nonsense, a nexus of religious idiocy and reality-denial of the worst kind. I used to be pretty active on there, but life has a way of getting in the way and university has to come first. If you as much as enjoy the occasional debate and stupidity doesn't scare you, you should definitely give that site a go. Boy, does it need a stronger atheist presence.
I'm going to start posting this around town. That and I use the Bible to show people that their god is a joke.


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