Petition to shut down the White House Office of Faith Based Initiatives

This is a very important petition. Check out this AN Blog.


Or you can check out the petition on the website directly at:


If you agree, please sign it and spread the word.



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It is probably for US citizens only, right?

DONE!  And thank you for the heads-up.  I'll now spread the word as much as I can.

Did you post this notice on the FFRF page? Or their in-house blog?  I'll send a note to the editor of Freethought Today...16,000 members ought to be able to do something, but the deadline is coming up too soon (right after my 72nd b-day. Gack!) to get it into print, I fear.  They do send out Action Alert e-mails.

Oh, I hope this works! I dearly love my country, and I wish we could get it back on the path of Enlightenment reason before my time is up.




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