Much like a virus, spreading its RNA genetic code onto its host, Americans For Prosperity will allow Herman Cain to spew its hateful and divisive business practices.

Enter Kenneth Neal (you can call me Ken): Age, 29, an activist/journalist, scholarship-winning poet and a sci-fi novelist by trade.

The premise of this work could be considered the fusion from the likes of Frederick Douglass / Stan Lee / Harvey Milk / Karl Marx.

A social journalist doing my part to promote social, cultural, and class destruction awareness with my blog.

Blog entries are now being recorded, captured, and uploaded via Soundcloud on my behalf.

I invite you to a challenging conversation detailing critical points within modern Capitalism & Christianity:

(when you see Karl Marx, you know you've reached the right destination)

Thank you for your time.

If you have any questions after viewing my work, feel free to let me know.
-Ken Neal, Atlanta, GA
Facebook, "Ken E-FAT"
Contributor @  Political Fail Blog:

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 I hated that Cain dropped out. While working the nite shift, me and my co-workers dog his a$$ out.  Without Cain and his "friends" we have nothing to joke about.




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