I  will probably be forced to sit through illegal and unconstitutional prayers at my daughter's public university graduation ceremony in SC this week. A religious friend told me, "You don't have to join in." This struck me as being similar to telling rape victims to lie back and enjoy themselves. I'm curious if my fellow strong atheists find the expression "Prayer Rape" too offensive, about right, or not an accurate analogy.

The sense of violation when you are stuck in a public meeting with an authority figure speaking on your behalf and offering thanks to some god(s) you don't believe in AND find to be toxic for the better functioning of society, is very uncomfortable. From a linguistic point of view, rape (From Latin. 'to seize') seems to be a good term.

I think we will do better in debates over public prayer if we have a more forceful expression than 'it makes me feel uncomfortable.' Any suggestions?


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These people should be required to sit through other religious prayers so they can understand what it's like. They should especially be required to sit through Muslim prayers. I'd like to see that happen and interview them afterward.

Does sitting in a restaurant (or coffee shop) with a group of old friends while a former  classmate-turned-minister intones a long, embarrassing "blessing" over the food count?  I was the only one at the table who didn't bow my head.  (At least he didn't insist we all hold hands as one does during a seance.)  By the time he finished, the soup was cold.

I wanted to ask him why he didn't give thanks to the farmers who produced the food, the chefs who prepared it, and the servers, too, but I was too chicken.

I would have start eating when he was saying his farts in the wind.

"It makes me feel violated" would convey what you're describing pretty well. 

Rape is not a good term for it, because it doesn't compare to the physical sexual assault of rape that can damage a woman for the rest of her life. 

I find all religious clergy, activists, etc some form of rape.  I am sick and tired of being mistake of being a cretin because I am black. I am sick and tired of hearing you must have faith and the other bullshit.

Recently I was asked by my supervisor's daughter who is a minister to conduct a positive meditation meeting, buybull and prayer study for her while she will be out of town for two weeks.  Both parties and members of the "ministry" know I am atheist.

She insists and told me I can use my own material.  She is always trying to force me to join in these lunch meetings, etc.  I walk away or I will pull out my 50 Shades of Grey. 

Since she insists, could you give me a few ideas on what to say just to make sure she leaves me the hell alone.




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