This mindblowing idiot ran for governer of TN MUST SEE AD!!! View with caution. This ad may induce projectile puking.

Check out this asshole, and the ad that was run here in the buckle of the good ole bible belt of Tennessee. Here we have Zach Wamp, running for governor of TN. This mouth breathing moron ran this ad. Tell me how this makes you feel!!!

This is what we as atheists, MUST NOT TOLERATE. EVER!!! Thankfully he was defeated in the primary, but wow. That someone would actually have the balls to spout this complete and ignorant bewel she-ut upon people, and have the audacity to insinuate what he does, is scary as hell kiddies!!! Scary as hell! (if hell were real)

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umm wow.... actually uhh this guy is a genious!! not even lieing or anything. i mean think about it, the % population that will vote for that message haha. This is crazy and i think hes a douch and an idiot. PLEASE O PLEASE do not elect that guy!!!!! what is wrong with people
I rallied every Democrat I could find to go vote against this Fucktard in the Republican Primary.  HE GOT BEAT.  At least his opponent seems more secular.  He won.  I would have MOVED if this tool would have been governor!

I actually grew up in that area.  Never met Zach, but I did meet his sister. 


Oh, boy, the stories I could tell about what it's like to live there. 


Have you always lived in Cleveland, Kelly?  I'll bet you anything that you know some of my cousins.

Hey I'm formerly from Tennessee. Over on the Memphis side.

You ever notice how these zealots talk? Their facial innocence? Watch Huckabee. These people are dangerous. And beware, they have a large following in that state.

Believe me they know their history. They also know that if you tell a lie long enough people will believe it to be true.

Abraham Lincoln once said "You can fool some of the people some of the time; you can also fool some of the people all the time; but you can't fool all the people all the time".

We will prevail! Gary

Honestly, I was sweating this moron getting elected.  Luckily what I think happened, is a lot of Democrats jumped party lines to vote in the primary against this ass hat!  Simply because he's nowhere we want to be.  I'm hoping the more comfortable people become about expressing no belief in god, and the more accepted it becomes, the more of us will show our faces.

I know we don't all agree on many issues here, but one thing I think we ALL see eye to eye on, and that is that religion needs to stay the hell out of our politics, public policy, and government.  PERIOD.

I was born and raised in Cleveland.  I moved to Middle TN for a few years, but I am back in Cleveland now.  I bet I probably do know them.  It isn't a big place! 

You don't have to tell me Scott!!  We could just share!  I'm still living in it!!


Did he say "Gawd is the sinner of the Universe?"

ROFLMFAO!!!!  I told you....he's a mind blowing idiot!  I wasn't exaggerating!!  Total TOOL!!!!!

BTW...he did LOSE the primary....still too close for comfort!



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