This mindblowing idiot ran for governer of TN MUST SEE AD!!! View with caution. This ad may induce projectile puking.

Check out this asshole, and the ad that was run here in the buckle of the good ole bible belt of Tennessee. Here we have Zach Wamp, running for governor of TN. This mouth breathing moron ran this ad. Tell me how this makes you feel!!!

This is what we as atheists, MUST NOT TOLERATE. EVER!!! Thankfully he was defeated in the primary, but wow. That someone would actually have the balls to spout this complete and ignorant bewel she-ut upon people, and have the audacity to insinuate what he does, is scary as hell kiddies!!! Scary as hell! (if hell were real)

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Yeah what crap! It is not his or no one else's job to "restore America to its Judeo-Christian heritage". Apparently, he is ignorant (like so many people) of the fact of separation of Church and State and just how our founding fathers felt and believed!

The last thing we need here is another Bible Thumping politician, so I am glad he didn't win!
Yeah Glen, me too. Especially since I live in the state he ran for Governor. Don't think for a second that I didn't write to him with a history lesson. Not that he will ever see it. It's just the principal of the thing. Plus, I actually felt it was my duty to go vote in that Republican primary, just to vote against him. Also all of my family and friends did the same and most of them are yellow dog democrats. My family is catholic, even so, they at least have enough sense to know that religion has NO PLACE in government.
But even seeing something like this is upsetting to say the least. I mean really, how could a governor bring back our "judeo christian roots" unless he was going to use government to do it? What a tool!
That's nothing. There's some jerk running for governor in New York who wants to put welfare recipients in prison.
Is there no end to the stupid people wanting to run this country? Tell ya what, we gotta bring our A game and ferret these jack asses out! Well done Grace. Now I have indigestion on top of my
He was running for a position in gov't? scary, indeed......he was running for a position in gov't? scary indeed..... he was running.......
Sounds more like he was trying to be elected to some pastorship rather than governor. OK's Randy Brogdon didn't even go as far as this guy, and he openly supported our tea-parties and introduced "academic freedom" legislation. Fortunately that was defeated and so was he.

Two things about this frustrate me. One is that 'conservative' is tossed out there by these politicians as if it not only defines their positions, but that it is a flag to be waved. There's certainly nothing wring with that in and of itself, but on the flip-side, liberals are never allowed to do that. The word 'liberal' has been successfully demonized by the right to the point where it is un-usable. Personally, I always identify myself as a liberal AND an atheist. It's funny because most of the time the conversation ends there because they don't like to be confronted with anything that challenges their worldview, and they know that it will be forthcoming.

The second thing that bothers me is this entire "judeo-Christian origins" narrative they have come up with. I admit that it makes me angry when it gets vomited out because I'm sick of hearing it and debunking it. The purveyor of this garbage, David Barton, has managed to do so much damage to history and that seriously pisses me off. Just look at what Texas is going through after he advised their state school board.
The man is clearly delusional or stupid. Neither is a good choice for governor. Odd that his all powerful god didn't support him in his election bid -- which probably proves that he/she doesn't exist.
I think he is delusional AND stupid!!! And totally full of shit! I bet he is mad at his god for sure....hehehe!!!
I am curious why he disabled comments on the YouTube page.
At least his name fits him... "Wamp, wamp, wamp, wamp,"
Way back when, Elizabeth Dole's attack on the "godless" candidate now NC Senator Hagan, who explained that she's a true Christian who goes to church).
Oh my.....that is sickening...on multiple levels.......

what hte nedds is one of those new designer know the ones....lots of buckles and straps that tie limbs together....

specially made for people who should be put in padded cells




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