What actions will you take in 2009 that will define you as a "Strong Atheist"?

The title says it all. I don't have a big plan myself, but have some small actions in mind -

I added the atheist "scarlet letter A" to my personal blog, which has had over 24,000 visits in the past 2 years. Even though my blog is nonpolitical and does not relate to religious or areligious thought (it's mostly a garden diary), the presence of the "A" gives visibility. Also, for my friends, coworkers, and family who check the blog, it is a way to more clearly state my position without personal confrontation. As someone who is fairly shy and avoids conflict, this is an open yet fairly safe way to express how important I think it is to be "out".

Next week I will express to management of my workplace that some of the Xmas decorations were not appropriate (especially a cabbage-patch-doll Jesus Mary and Joseph), and ask that policy be developed or enforced to prevent such displays next year.

I'll be more open in my conversations with others as to my stance on being atheistic, and more openly supportive the the atheists who I know.

What plans will you make?

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I will continue to volunteer to promote and protect our secular rights. I will continue to volunteer at CFI as well. I will continue to wear my pro atheist shirts where appropriate, write letters to the editor of newspapers, attend debates or discussions where athiests and theists bring their ideas and I will always defend and promote atheism as the most logical and liberating worldview.
Probably the same thing I did this year.

Confront sexism, racism and religious hate where I meet them. (I'm just cuddly like that)
Listen when my ignorance is called out.
Discuss with like-minded people the best course of action to take in promoting our agenda.
Take said action.
Oh, and one new thing...I'm going to contribute more money to my causes by giving up smoking. I figure I can donate a minimum of fifty dollars a month more.




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