Hello All! I'm a Californian boy living in Skåne and I'm new to the group. I was wondering why people joined this group.


The last discussion topic was created almost a year ago and there doesn't seem like there has been any thing going on here sense then. Is the main goal of the group social networking or a dialogue for how to deal with a unique "flavor" of theism in Sweden? Or is it a way to mobilize people for social and political action?


The question is not meant to criticize or to be negative in any way, I am simply curious.


For my part, I am interested in meeting people and just talking what brought them to their atheism, and in the sorts of theistic arguments one meets commonly in Sweden. (I haven't had a lot of contact with the theistic arguments here)


I guess I am just wondering what is going on in the atheist community in Sweden and looking for some friends. :)


Om det behövs, kan jag också hålla ett samtal på svenska. Jag har inte lust att skrämma bort folk pga. språket. :) Så länge ni kan förlåta tryckfelen jag gör då jag skriver på svenska.

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I guess I had hope for a more pro-active atheist group.
I will try to reply later today.

Now I can only send the link to the thread where I describe my way to atheism (you were asking me about my story):


How I ended up on this website: I guess I found the link on the blog on atheistic parenting (I have 2 kids, raised as atheists of course).

Why I joined Swedish Atheists and what I hoped for is another story, this one I will try to tell later today. See you!

Why I am here:

I was looking for a group of people who would like to discuss the problem of religions in Sweden. For somebody coming from countries where religion is very restrictive and in an obvious way destructive (you know what I mean, right?), religion is an ISSUE. Here, in Sweden, people do not experience religion as something negative. The majority seems to have no religion at all, those who do have religion, usually restrict it to "somebody goes to Heaven when he dies" and some other semi-comforting pieces of BS. I was terrified when my daughter told me that lots of her friend "believe in God" (now I believe that in most cases it does not mean much, but I was very unhappy when she told me that). As I am allergic to all BS, even a tiny BS, I found it terrible, but my husband (who has never been bothered by any religions and is a very calm, "natural", atheist) told me: their belief is often restricted to this Heaven and "there is a god"-thing. They never experience negative effects of religion - nobody questions evolution, nobody tries to take the Bible literally, nobody talks about shame or guilt, nobody tells you that you are not allowed to have sex or use contraception,... etc. So this "being religious" here is a very different thing compared to being religious in catholic Poland, being a creationist in America or a muslim in Iran. It is just a tiny portion of BS which is not taken seriously by anybody (OK, there are probably exceptions, but you know what I mean) and this is why this is not an ISSUE in Sweden. Sweden is generally a free country and everybody can think, do, behave as he likes (well, as long as he does not bother other people and as long it is not illegal...). It is not a problem here, the country IS atheistic.

Correct me please, someone, if I am wrong. I have been living here for 10 years now and my observations do not need to be accurate.




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