Hello fellow atheists,

I am starting a social group for atheists and skeptics in Stockholm area. Our pub nights are to share (in addition to drinks) ideas about religion, secularism, science, pseudoscience, godless morality, skepticism, etc. in a casual and friendly atmosphere. If you are interested please join the following meetup group and RSVP our next meeting: http://www.meetup.com/Stockholm-Atheists-and-Skeptics-Society/

Hope to see many of you soon!



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It has been said, on the basis of mathematical calculation, Muslims will outnumber native Swedes by 2050.

Do you wish to comment ? Will Islamification be discussed at your meeting too ? I suppose it comes under religion , doesn't it.

Who's paying for the drinks ? Alcohol is very expensive in Sweden. Wouldn't it be wiser to use cheaper recreational drugs such as Lebanese or Moroccan Hashish ?

Are you sick and tired of Muslims rioting, assaulting people, destroying property and raping women yet ? If not, why not ?

Swedes are generally sensible people. It seems they will make fine refugees one day.


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