I normally think of Sweden as quite an atheists country but living here I see quite a lot of religions activity and virtually nothing of atheism. So, I wonder, can anyone tell me the current state of atheism in Sweden? What atheist organisations exist? How many members do they have? Do they actively promote atheism?


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Ah, ic. mainly humanism rather than specifically atheism. Prob y I don't see much specific "atheist activities".

atheist podcast>>

Won't that end up as preaching to the converted? I was really looking to see more activities aimed at challenging theists. A sort of "evangelical" atheism!

stamp collector association>>


my point exactly!

yeap, I can see the value of community building.


I also see the need for more promoting as well.
hmm ... that sounds too high a level for what I had in mind.

My thoughts had more to do with the average "believer on the streets", who could not engage in a deep theological argument and just repeats the mumble jumble they get taught.
A lot of religious ppl where live too but I see nothing of atheist activity. I wond if we need a more pro-active campaign?




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