At the last SWIFT monthly meetup we discussed putting together an Adopt-a-Highway program. We are going to organize a pick-up 3 times a year (between April and November) and I know a lot of people are excited about it! I've chosen the first Sunday in May as our first pick-up (oops!  I just realized this was the next monthly topic meeting, it can be changed...) and now we need to choose a location. In order to apply for the program we need to give our top 3 preferred locations and the WisDOT will assign one of those if it is available and safe. We will apply for our sign to read "Atheist Community of Milwaukee".

One location idea would be off of I-43 near Waukesha.

Anyone else have a preferred location suggestion?

Thanks! Kristen

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I think you did a really great job, Kristen! I would suggest moving that first date then meeting somewhere after for lunch/refreshments. I will be out of town May 5th.

I think we have elections the next topic meeting?

No matter the schedule, I believe this is a great idea and I am so glad you suggested this and made it look so easy completing all the legwork.


Thanks, again.

Thanks Troy!  I think it will be fun.  Great idea about the lunch/refreshments idea for afterwards.

Hey everyone, this is real.  We are doing it Saturday June 9th.  Please donate some time.  Thanks Kristen for all of the hard work you put in to make this happen.  Follow this link for more information:  Adopt A Highway


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