Noticed an 'ad' on a city bus today that caught my attention.  It had the headline:  "Are you hiding your baby?"   It made me laugh. 


I don't mean to make light of this message, but shouldn't the 'ad' read "Are you hiding your pregnancy?".   It was for some sort of safe or something like that.   I think it's related to the program that allows women with unwanted pregnancies to leave their newborns at hospitals without fear of being arrested. It just made me picture women hiding their babies around the house:  "Now where did I hide that darn baby?"  (Just shows how my mind works after a hectic day at work.)

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You mean right here in good 'ole Janesville?

How about

Thank someone's GOD it wasn't one of those AWEFUL atheist signs!

That's what I thought you were going to write about!

It was on the bus running from Beloit to Janesville on hwy 51.  It had a worried looking woman pasted on it....


If I actually saw a pro-atheist sign on a bus or billboard in Janesville I would probably run my car right off the road!

Last year there was a billboard nearby with a baby on a teeny tiny Harley wearing leather and looking all 'tough'...something about babies having arms at such-and-such weeks after conception.  BUT A FETUS CAN'T AND SHOULDN'T DRIVE A MOTOR VEHICLE is what my response was to that dumb thing.  The fetus/baby distinction is often overlooked in those 'ads'.   I think they do it on purpose.

It is fundamental to the anti-choice argument to make no distinction between the products of conception (at any stage) and "baby." A "baby" is a live, breathing human individual who either has or is eligible to have a birth certificate.
I'm so glad to hear another person agree with my view...thanks!  I recently even read a clever argument that the biblical scriptures describe human life as having 'breath' the example of god breathing life into Adam.   Therefore, since the fetus is not yet really 'breathing', if you get my drift, the whole 'right-to-life' argument loses some of its steam.  I have conflicted feeling about late term abortion, myself, but that doesn't mean I don't support reproductive rights and a woman's right to choose what she wants to do.  I love that quote: Keep your Rosary off my Ovaries.  (That still cracks me up.)

Ever get down to the Farmers Market yet? I'm starting to get guest hosts now. Last week was Yuri Rashkin, city council member. On Aug. 20 will be Ann Marie Ames, Gazette reporter.


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