I created this A|N group for Texas A&M Former students who are also atheists. There are a lot of Aggies out there, of course, but how many of us are nonbelievers? I'd like to know and meet you. I'm TAMU Class of 1993 and was a member of outfit Trident P-2.

We hear all about the famous "Aggie Network", but does it really work for you if you're an atheist, or a Libertarian instead of a Republican, or worse, you're a goddless lefty liberal like yours truly?

And does it really work for you if you're NOT in business or finance?

I have my doubts.

Can we create a network for Freethinking/Atheist Aggies here on A|N? I don't know...but it might be fun to try.

I was an atheist my whole time at TAMU, but largely a closeted one. I didn't attend the Atheist and Agnostic Student Association meetings in the early 1990s but I did morally support them and I loved their cheeky maroon & white "10 reasons beer is better than Jesus" t-shirts.

My Corps outfit chaplain was a creationist nutjob, which turned me off immediately. I did attend one service of the old A&M Presbyterian church (now demolished), but it was boring and to me a waste of time as I didn't believe and couldn't make myself believe either.

I'm not quite a 2%'er but not a full "Cult of Aggieland" member either. I was into the traditions when I was there, I still wear A&M stuff today, contribute to the Corps of Cadets Association, have a former students sticker on my car, etc.

I have one fellow Aggie Atheist friend on Facebook but would like to meet more here.

--John J. Ronald '93

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I'm a godless, anarchist, Aggie...class of '66. It's good to see there are some brave Aggies coming out of the closet. If more theist Aggies were honest, there would be more of us.


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