I'm curious to know what it was like for those of you who were atheists when you were attending Texas A&M? Back when I was there, I bet you couldn't have thrown a football in the SPO (Student Programs Office) and NOT hit at least 1 Christian organization.

I was a closeted Atheist, did not join the Atheist and Agnostic Student Association, but I did admire them from afar. I also noticed they always got their sandwich board sign regularly knocked over near the Evans Library.

I was good friends with a Pagan my 5th year, who was really into the Norse gods and as disdainful of Christianity as I was. We were both seniors in the Russian club together.

Did any of you fall from faith AFTER you left TAMU? What was that like? How did your former theist friends from Aggieland react? or are you still in the closet?

I had a classmate really try hard to sell me on Jesus on a study abroad trip in 1990, but I just wasn't buying it. I was shocked, though, at just how many of the group were religious conservatives and outspokenly anti-abortion...guess I was naive back then. I enjoyed hanging out with the "apathist" & godless minority, though nobody self-identified as atheist, just "not very religious".

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I recall being solicited by a Muslim student group at TAMU once and I lied to them and said I was Christian, because I figured they'd give me less shit than if I said I was Atheist.

When I was arrested once for DWI, I gave my religion as "Presbyterian" (the faith tradition my mom tried to raise me in), mainly so as not to be fucked with for saying "Atheist".
I usually use The Church of England. That usually backs a lot off. But now a days, I just tell them I'm an atheist. If they have a problem with that I tell them to "Deal with it.."
I was. I was only open to it with a couple of fraternity brothers who were also atheists. Didn't promote it. The big thing back then was the gay students organization looking to be recognized by the University.




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