Lets get to know each other by telling what body art do you want or have? What meanings (if any) does it have?

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I got a tribal shoulder piece on a whim when I was 21 when I was in a tattoo shop and saw it in a magazine that they had. About two years later I matched it up on the other shoulder because it felt out of balance. Some years later I got a full leg piece on the outside of my leg that goes from the top of my thigh to my ankle, it is a tribal piece that morphs into a tribal dragon on my lower leg. Last year (2009) I got a (still unfinished) phoenix that covers my entire back. This is the first tat to have meaning for me. It is to commemorate me rising above a tragedy, the death of my 4 1/2 yr old son.

The ink bug must have hit me hard, I want to first complete my back by filling it completely with ink. Then make the leg piece morph into a realistic dragon that will wrap over my ass and have his head on my belly. Then I want a background for it all that will cover my side and upper arms. After this, I will have one tattoo once again. Just one really big one. This will take years to complete unless I find that money tree I have been looking for.
I have 1 full sleeve complete on my left arm,and working very hard to get my right arm done.It's a combination of Wes Benscoter's style and my favorite H.R. Giger images. I'm actually a big fan of M.C. Escher's work as well and plan on getting some ink based on his woodcarvings. But, Giger is by far my favorite,he is called the "the father of bio-mechanics" (hence my nickname B10M3KH4N1X).I also plan on having the Greek letters that spell out "Atheist" tattooed on my right forearm when I finally finish the right sleeve.I have other ideas for tattoos on my chest and back,but I'll think about that later either when the time is right or the money is there.It really IS an expensive hobby,isn't it?
I have been thinking about getting full sleeves for about three years now. I still haven't decided on it. I have other work to do before then. I looked up the art you are talking about, that's some awesome inspiration. I have always liked the way bio-mechanics works so well with the muscles and body lines, especially if done right.

Yes, it is an expensive hobby, but worth it to me. I am getting one hour per month sessions since that's all I can really afford.
It's also hard to find a good tattoo artist who won't charge an arm and a leg,too! I really lucked out when I found the artist that finished my sleeve. He had never done European style bio-mechanical before but his black and white "prison style" in his portfolio was impressive. So when I approached him with the idea he proclaimed "YES! I've been dying to do this!" and thus I was cut a break (albeit a small one) on the cost of lengthy ink sessions.Too bad I had to move back to the other coast of FL.
It would be worth the trip in my opinion if you're satisfied with his work. A tattoo is forever. Mine gave me a pretty good discount for the amount of work that I want.
I can totally respect that, its part of your heritage AND you even get the ok from the elders. I have always liked the Moko. I usually see the boat at the waistline and the horizontal lines, this Moko above is different. I thought it was all built on the boat.

Dont know if this is the same style but I thought it was cool also.

You figuring out if you want a facial tat pales my figuring out if I want full sleeves.
Sorry, I mixed up Moko with Samoan tattoos. Here is what I was talking about anyway if your interested.

No need to apologize, I give kudos for having the gonads to do that. Anyway, here is some pics of my tats so far. They need lots of work, but its all coming in due time.

Great model on the tree; schmokin'
The shoulder pieces are more of an organic tribal, but yes, still tribal. the phoenix pic was taken about 6 months ago. There has actually been a little more work done to it since. It is a tattoo that I got after my son passed away. It may sound weird but it actually helped me overcome the trauma. My phoenix symbolizes rising above the tragedy.

Kudos for moving on without people who drag you down. I know how you feel, I can relate.

The nickname, its a name my friends call me sometimes. It comes from my name; Ray. :)
I was wondering if it was the color or the fruit. I guess it could be either...
Here is my latest addition:

Bad-f**kin'-ass Bro!! Nice shading. Hats off to the artist working on your back piece




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