Lets get to know each other by telling what body art do you want or have? What meanings (if any) does it have?

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Thanks dude. Still much to do...
Awesome! Can't wait to see pics.

Another 8 hrs on my side. Ribs are painful, but so worth it.


just a 4"x2" celtic line w/orangeyellow initials/black outline. did some lines of two fish in circle about 1.5" when I had aluminum gun. did 3 others on others years back.
Was you looking to become an artist?

This in my most recent one, done about a month ago.



It's a scarab holding the sun with the gamma symbol. This one was my most painful one yet. I plan to get a full sleeve done as money permits. Prolly going to be Egyptian themed.


I have 4 others as well. A tribal dragon on my left calf, another dragon on my left shoulder blade, a little heart on my ankle with the word bad next to it, and a snake wrapped around my arm-my take on the ouroboros.

That looks great! Really great colors! I bet the whole sleeve is gonna be awesome. I hope we get to see the progress, Valles.
I have ten tattoos in all. I got my first one when I was nineteen. It was a cross with a snake wrapped around it. I have three tattoos on my legs, five on my arms and two on my chest. No back piece yet. I haven't decided anything to fill that canvas.

I'll make sure when I get a chance to post photos of all my ink.
This tattoo was inspired by my belief in cosmology. The tree bursting out of his chest resembles the entanglement between humans and nature.
Great colorwork and an awesome concept.
Latest addition, much more to do. Enjoy!




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