Hey guys,
Thanks for joining TED group here at AN. I'd love to see your favorite videos, please, post your favorite video here so we can see what you like.

v1k =)

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That was amazing, but I thought he was going to explain himself. Dammit!
Mystery is keeps us coming back.
That was amazing, I'll be watching his career to see if he gives any big reveals.

In the meantime, here's Arthur Banjamin, who calls himself a mathemagician:


This guy simply boggles my brain!
Wow. I think that's autism.

For the great presentation style, and for making stats interesting.
Not my favorite, but a relevant video for this site:

A. J. Jacobs - My Year of Living Biblically
Science, Morality and critical thinking - all in one 25 minute video of Sam Harris. Can't get much better than that.


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