Not sure if anyone else is a fan of his stuff or not but Rives is who got me into TED in the first place. This is my favorite video of his. I love how his mind works.

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I don't know what to think of this. He's obviously not serious and it's all somewhat of a joke but, that being the case, there's not really any point to the talk. It's just a casual observance of a meme that seems to have permeated the public consciousness.
That is what is so great about Rives. His poetry is usually the meaningful shrouded in humor or meaninglessness that, when you see it, brings a really strong emotion through. Usually nostalgia. In this case I really think he was trying to bring a bit of fun about while showing that sometimes things that seem connected are not actually connected, despite how much our mind wants to find similarities in things.

At least, thats what I took from it.

I suggest looking at his poem that I think is called 'Mockingbird'. Another great one is 'The Boy That Could Levitate'.




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