I find that open atheism is hard to find in my neck of the woods. Introduce yourself and tell us something funny about your experience...

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An Aussie and a Vol fan! Where did you live in TN?
Hi, I'm originally from Memphis, and will be moving back there soon. I didn't think there would be anyone other than myself proclaiming atheist in such a religiously drowned area.
I am surrounded by the fundies too...Welcome.
My name is Justin and I live in Washington County. I'm 21 and am currently in college. I've been looking for like minded people around here to talk to.
Hey Justin - sorry for the late welcome but I have been swamped at work and busy with my kids after. Welcome...
Hi, I'm Trish. I'm in the middle of Smithville. Moved here from Florida a little over two years ago and I really love the land and the weather. I have a little story to share but it's late this evening. Just wanted to stop in and say hello.
Hi, all. My name is Jonathan, I am a Winchester, TN native, lived in Huntsville for few years while going to UAH and moved back here about 2 years ago. Check my page for more info. I am seeking others that share similar ideas.

Though a lifelong Memphian, I've had precious few encounters with the overtly religious. Having been sequestered in the Anthropology dept at my university for the past several years helps. Anyway, I haven't noticed anyone else here representing M-Town, so I'll fill that role.

I live in Collierville - come join us at our monthly MeetUp...link here

Welcome and apologies for taking so long to respond!
Welcome! I have been through Cookeville many times on the way to Knoxville. That is a very nice part of the state. Good to have you here!
I love the dawkins A. Hey I have atheist family in cookville. Well, an agnostic sister-in-law, and an atheist brother-in-law. You're not alone over there, but like the rest of TN, it seems we're few and far between.
Hello G.A.
I too am a rabid Obama supporter. It's so nice to have a smart guy in office after having to enduring 8 years of such a dumb guy.



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