I find that open atheism is hard to find in my neck of the woods. Introduce yourself and tell us something funny about your experience...

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Hey everyone!

The link to Atheist Nexus on the sidebar of Friendlyatheist.com has been staring at me for awhile now, and I finally decided to join up today. I grew up and am currently residing in Johnson City, working in a research lab at ETSU. My parents and most of my family are conservative Christians; going to church was part of life for me growing up, but I began to seriously question it towards the end of high school. I quit going to church once I went off to college at Tennessee Tech, and formally acknowledged my lack of belief around that time. It's great to see this group of people in Tennessee and I hope to make some new like-minded friends across the state!
Hey all!  Just joined the group to meet like-minded people.  I'm from Northeast Tennessee inside the tri-cities.  As your group mentions tennessee is in the bible belt I would have to assume that the tri-cities is the buckle of the belt lol.  Only know of a couple people who proclaim in this area.
Hey Brad! Just joined to find out what's going on with the TN Atheists. Are you having much participation and activity here? I've found that most Atheist activity here in East TN tends to be very scarce outside of the Knoxville groups. I live in Dandridge.....yes, I'm an island all to myself, as you can imagine. I'm a business development guy who works out of Knoxville & I travel quite a bit. I live on Douglas Lake with my wife and Lab, we are empty nesters & consider it my refuge. I've been a YouTuber for the last several years and invite everyone to come by and visit...YT has a very large Atheist Community. Anyway, hope to make some friends and lend any support that I might be able to lend.

Hi doubingED,


Most of our activity here in West TN revolves around our meetup groups - we have a free thought and an atheist group that are pretty active.  Send me you You Tube channel link so I can check it out.  Glad you are here.


Hi everyone! I'm Suzann, I live in Decherd in Franklin County. I moved to TN from Phoenix AZ about 8 months ago. Talk about culture shock!! WOW! It seems everything around here revolves around church. When I meet people here, one of the first questions I get is, "what church do you go to?". I usually say that I watch Joe Whatshisname on TV, as I work on Sundays. I am a RN at a local hospital, where people's faith really comes out. So I do keep it from my patients when the subject arrisses, they usually got enough to think about with wondering if their non-believing, baby eating, satin worshiping nurse is going to kill them. I don't hide it from the other nurses though. Most of them are educated enough to not judge. Just like I don't them. I figure what ever gets you through your life, go for it, just don't push it on me or my kids. Amazingly my 14 yr old knows more atheist than I do! Anywho, it would be nice to some day sit down with like minded people and have an intelligent conversation, without being told about the hell I am apparently going to.

Hey everybody, I'll be moving to Nashville this summer.  

I once had a car burst into flames in a parking lot after a trip I took to an atheist rally.

You really should know better than to try and park in a church parking lot. LOL!

Welcome WW.

Me and my family have been living near Cookeville, TN for the last 4 years. It is saturated with churches and religion. My children's school has a huge white bible predominately displayed in their lobby. When asked, they claim it has historical value and 'deters the devil'. I have two sons--ages 16 & 8--that attend this school (and they still spank which blows my mind). I actually witnessed a man dragging a cross down Hwy 111 with a bunch of brightly colored signs stuck to it a couple of years ago.

Any atheist/freethinkers in Clarksville, TN want to have a get together? I've been an atheist since my teens, but have only recently felt the urge to seek out my fellow non-believers. I have lived in Clarksville since 1972 and find the religious atmosphere here really repressive. I'd dearly love to be able to sit down and chat with others of like mind and maybe have a few laughs together.

I'm a retired systems administrator who is a lifelong geek -- I love science and speculating about the future, have been a scifi fan since my teens. Let's get together!


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