I find that open atheism is hard to find in my neck of the woods. Introduce yourself and tell us something funny about your experience...

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i love wal-mart, and am there with my wife and kids, nearly every week..
Hello there Jacob, Gwen and Joshua. I'm not very active on the Nexus, but I really like knowing there are others who share my world view that are in relatively close proximity.
Speaking of libraries and book stores, I'm considering beginning a bit of a grassroots campaign in my community to stock more books with an atheist or non theist point of view. You can borrow a copy of the King James Bible at my town library, as well as hateful right wing propaganda by the likes of Ann Coulter or Glenn Beck, but you can't find a copy of the God Delusion or even Breaking the Spell.
by the way, are you a ninja?
I live in Livingston, TN which is not too far from Cookeville. I have to say that I'm pretty floored that there are so many of us in the area. I'm not exactly silent about my views (some say I'm pretty opinionated) and am constantly on the lookout for the lynching brigade. I am in college, have a hubby & two kids (all hold same beliefs) and a cat that holds the belief that he's the ruler of the house.
You and your family are probably right about there being no god, but your cat is absolutely correct. Everyone knows what the cat is always the head of the house.
Hello fellow heathens and infidels. I am Greg, 46 years old, live in middle Tennessee and I am thrilled to discover Atheist Nexus. My story is rather simple. I actively sought God as a child and teenager, then about the age of twenty I realized that what I had long suspected was so, was true. Shortly thereafter I had a terrible accident that left me severely disabled. For about three months following my accident my unbelief wavered a bit, but was fully restored once the shock of my life-altering injury wore off. That was half my life ago, and yet, my dirty little secret remains just that, a secret. Only a few close friends know of my unbelief and I'm ok with that for now. But I am glad to find this website and look forward to getting to know some of my fellow Tennessee heathens.
well, my story, i was a pentecostal preacher from the day i turned 18, i fought the good fight, and kept the faith. but when i was studding to become ordained, i found somethings in the bible that didn't match up to my own morals, or logical thinking. the more i read and thought the more i decided it was Satan tempting me. so i decided to show my self just how right i was, so i logged onto youtube. i watched every atheist thing i could get my hands on, and the more i watched the more it made sense, and the less the bible seemed true. looking back now it's hard to believe, that i was a believer. i have read god is not great, by Christopher hitchens, godless, by Dan barker, the god delusion, and am currently reading the greatest show on earth, by Richard dawkings. looking back i no longer don't believe, i believe it's harmful, and dangerous. i don't believe jesus ever existed, and i think man made religion to justify their actions and control the masses.

my name is not jim jones, but i don't want anyone to ever forget. i was born and raised in Carthage Tn. and now live in brush creek tn. from my house I can walk to 5 different churches in less than a minute, and as it's been said, the library near here, you can check out a bible, but can't get anything on non-theism. as a former fundamentalist, i had a detox period, but i still know where they are coming from. i would actually love to meet someone near home, that understands it, and i'm very pleased to see so many people on here from Tennessee..
You should read Atheist Universe by David Mills. It is the best book I have ever read.
I've been living in Tn for 4 years June. 18th... I moved back with my husband, I've always been an atheist, and becoming apart of his family made me realize I've always been right. Being around Christians showed me how right I was. Anyways, I live in Brush Creek, Smith County. I am married to Jim Jones, and we have two beautiful daughters. We also live with two cats who are insane. I'm planning on going to college for Forensic Photography (Crime Scenes), I love the idea of bringing justice while doing what I love. But I can say, thanks to seeing my husbands family in and outside of church, I'm proud to say I've always been an atheist and will keep being one. In my eyes, he does no good, there is no God...
Hey, everyone. I'm Alix, and I'm a resident of Soddy Daisy, but born in North GA and a former resident of Red Bank. I'm a not-so-proud member of Soddy Daisy, in which 98% of people are absolutely in-your-face religious nuts. I'm constantly defending myself, both verbally AND physically, from my school mates, but I will never hide my belief. Right now, my current project is to get school-led prayer OUT of my school's graduation so that I can have a peaceful graduation. So far, I have no one to support me, not even my parents. My family is made of very die-hard Christians. I became an atheist when I was seven, but I'm not sure why it was so early for me.

Anyway, I'm graduating in December and hoping to move to UTM's campus for college, where I'd like to major in International Studies with a minor in German.
Bravo!  Wish I had been smart enough to come to my senses that young and to try and make a difference in my Christianity-biased public school.



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